Glitz Channel Ep 4: Standing Sushi Bar

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Find zen on a plate
Right from the chef master’s hands
All is good again
– Standing Sushi Bar

For the fourth episode of Glitz Channel, Miss Glitzy visited the newly-opened Standing Sushi Bar. Yes, you are supposed to eat your sushi standing. But if you are those folks who prefer to sit and eat, you will be glad to know that chairs are available after lunch.

The process is simple: Stand, Order Sushi and Eat! Your food is handmade right in front of you by the experienced chefs, so it’s like a customised 1-on-1 food experience! The standard sushi items such as salmon, tuna and yellowtail are delivered daily while off-menu items are delivered twice a week! The fish comes from fish markets in Tokyo and Kyushu area.

So for the ideal sushi experience, keep your minds open and order a 8-course omakase because the chef will whip up off-menu items!

Here’s Miss Glitzy’s short takes on the items that she had tried:

  1. Boiled spinach – The key highlight here is the sauce, which is made from Sesame, Tofu and Miso. Very fragrant and certainly a good start for your sushi journey!
  2. Japanese sea snails – The sea snails were very fresh because there was no salty taste although there was minimal seasoning. Miss Glitzy finished all 4 on the plate in a jiffy.
  3. Salmon belly sashimi – (together with salmon ikura and squid sashimi) The salmon belly is very soft and melts in the mouth. Why go for regular salmon sashimi when you can get the salmon belly?
  4. Scallop nigiri – The scallop was very fresh but what won Miss Glitzy over was the mentaiko and mayonise sauce. The sauce went well with sushi rice too!
  5. California maki – Size doesn’t matter because the California maki served here are smaller than those we see at Sakae or Sushi Tei. Once again, Chef Roy went a step further by adding the yuzu sauce which was refreshing yet not overpowering. The sauce, made from fresh yuzu, was a great complement to the California maki and as a result, Miss Glitzy couldn’t stop.
  6. Tuna belly nigiri – The tuna belly was torched and the fish was quite thick! No doubt, torching the tuna belly enhanced its flavour and you could taste the sweetness of the fish, mixed with a little bit of mentaiko sauce.
  7. Tamago nigiri – The evergreen tamago nigiri took a new interpretation here. The tamago was wrapped over the sushi rice! Interestingly, with such an unbalanced egg vs rice quotient, the nigiri was not overpowering at all because the egg was not too sweet and was of a good consistency.

Enough of words, take a look at the video to get a sense of Miss Glitzy’s experience at the Standing Sushi Bar. And keep a look out for special promotion at the end of the video!

Standing Sushi Bar
1 Raffles Place #B1-02B
OUB Centre Singapore 048616
Tel: 6533 7078

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