M for Macarons: PAUL Patisserie at Dubai International Airport

July 24, 2010 at 8:51 pm | Posted in The M Project | 7 Comments
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It has been a while since I reviewed macarons but well, all is gonna change because I hit macaron jackpot in the month of July! I tried macarons from PAUL, Laduree (arguably the best macarons in the world) and Sweetspot in that one month.

I stumbled upon reknowned French patisserie PAUL while transiting at Dubai Airport. Tired and in need of some refreshments, we were about to settle for Burger King before we saw the letter “PAUL” at Terminal 3.

PAUL is a French bakery that has many cafes in Europe, Japan, Middle East, China, Taiwan … essentially everywhere except Singapore. Of course, the macaron freak in me took over and I had to choose the macaron instead of all the mouth-watering pies and tarts on display.

I had a huge vanilla macaron, which costed about SGD6. You can order order a set of 10 mini macarons.

The huge macaron had a diameter of approximately 10cm. While I am not an expert at baking macarons, I guess it could be slightly more difficult to make good and big macaron shells.

PAUL’s macaron shell was more chewy and springy than crispy. I could accept that, but I was a tad disappointed with the vanilla filling though, as my personal preference would have been vanilla cream. The vanilla ganache made me felt like I was enjoying a chewy cookie or vanilla brownie.

Nonetheless, PAUL’s macaron was decent – at least better than some offerings in Singapore. I was just not that impressed because I had tasted better ones. πŸ™‚

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy:

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  1. laduree macarons all the way! but paul does make some good bread; long queues everyday at the local bakery when i was stay in france with a friend!

    • I tried the pear and cinnamon tart from PAUL which wasn’t too bad! I need to try their bread next time. They should open a branch in Singapore!

  2. Paul rocks my world so much I want to do the nasty with Paul. While I’m not a big fan of macaroons in general, the chocolate tart rocks my world.

    They’ve got Paul in Shanghai too!

    • Yeah I read that they are opened in Shanghai although I have never been there before. Well, they have footprints everywhere except Singapore!

  3. haha you have to try Pierre Hermes macarons if you’re ever in paris or tokyo! those are the absolute BEST, you’ll measure every macaron against theirs after eating one. =)

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