Say Hi to Céline

July 14, 2010 at 10:27 am | Posted in Miss G: Fashion | 8 Comments
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The most common question that I have received recently is, “So, which bag did you get from Italy?”

Yeah, I got a bag. It’s French in origin, but made in Italy. It is a Céline.

Nope, not the much-coveted Classic Box Bag (left) or Luggage Tote (right).

But this:

This bag belongs to the Spring 2010 collection, the first collection for the brand designed by Phoebe Philo, and is simply named the “Small Leather Bowling Bag”. I think it could be a boring, or more of practical choice but I found it beautiful in a very quiet and understated manner.

It wasn’t on sale, but it was no irrational purchase decision. I looked at similar bowling bags such as the YSL Muse and a Chloé. Eventually this soft deerskin bag won me over.

I will try to take an outfit picture with this new member soon.

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  2. i love this bag! don’t think it’s boring at all, it’s very elegant and holds it own. looking forward to your post with outfits!

    • hehe! thanks! will find opportunities to take outfit pix!

  3. don’t let me spot you. i’ll rob you. i’ll return you everything inside the bag.

    congrats! i’m still dreaming of the grey monogram north-south tote with tan leather trims and leather handles. did you see any such?

    • Hahaha! I think I saw the Boston bag in monogram. Sometimes the bag is not on display but they have it in the store.

  4. It actually reminds me somewhat of Prada.. it may have something to do with the way the logo of the brand is positioned between the straps. That said, it’s a lovely, elegant bag, much more appealing to me than the coveted Celine classics. I can imagine how comfortable it will be to hug the bag and take an afternoon nap 😛 Beautiful colour btw.

    • hello Xiaoqi! i have a Prada leather bag, both are actually a bit different. maybe i will do a comparison of both bags next time! 🙂

      but yes, it’s kinda comfortable to hug it because the leather is very soft!

      • That’s great, I’ll be looking forward to your comparison post 😉

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