The most beautiful Louis Vuitton bag

July 9, 2010 at 10:25 am | Posted in Miss G: Fashion, Miss G: Shopping | 8 Comments
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… I think it has to be the timeless and chic Calf Leather SC bag from the Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton collection.

I have never associated myself with LV. Somehow, monogram and Miss Glitzy don’t go together. I am shopping for a bag and Friend mentioned that a LV speedy only costs 450 Euros in Europe. Coupled with the attractive Euro rates and tax rebates, this could be a worthy buy.  Another friend quipped how she hurls her LV bag around for 4 years and that said bag still looks as good as new.

And so the un-LV me started browsing the LV catalogue online.

I love the simple design and versatility. The bag exudes understated elegance. There is a monogram version as well, but as I mentioned earlier, monogram is not my thing.

Sofia Coppola and her fruit of labour.

After all the oohs and ahhs, it’s time to see the price tag. The SC bag costs 2,850 Euros which was beyond my budget.

So I guess it’s goodbye for now. We will probably meet another time.

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  1. My only issue with “big name” brands, it that not only “everyone” is wearing them, but the fake “inspired” versions, tend to look exactly the same ;p

    • Hi Shilpa, for me I look at the design and the material of the bag. I tend to go for functional bags. Because I want my bag to last, so I will think of it as paying of the workmanship and design. 🙂

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Orchid Row. Orchid Row said: Ooh! i like it in red. monograms not my thing too. RT @msglitzy: [blog] The most beautiful Louis Vuitton bag: […]

  3. good choice, i was thinking of getting one myself but it does look rather big for my small frame so… i’ll probably wait for a good chance of trying this on myself before even thinking of getting one from france. monogram anything is not my thing

    • Hey Stella, anyway I updated the pricing of the bag. I went to a LV store in Milan to check the price. It is 2850 euros (before the tax rebate). Hope that helps!

  4. […] Vuitton. They comes in the monogram version as well, but I reckon the calf leather ones are nicer. Ms Glitzy checked on the price tag when she’s in Milan and it cost €2,850, which makes it about […]

  5. It’s lovely. Very stylish. And a speedy costs 450 Euros? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s not that ex right? How much is it in Singapore I wonder?

    • The speedy is cheap! But the Sofia Coppola x LV bag is expensive.. at 2850 euros.. although I think this is cheaper than its retail price in Asia. 🙂

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