Outfit with Adidas Seoul Watch

July 7, 2010 at 11:29 am | Posted in Miss G: Outfits | 3 Comments
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I was given an Adidas Seoul watch and a challenge to put together an outfit with the watch. The watch is huge and sporty, and the most obvious way to match the watch is with casual tee and jeans.

I wear dresses pretty often and thought I could attempt to match such watch with a dress. I found out that the watch goes well with many casual dresses. So, if you fancy colorful sport watches, go for it because they are relatively versatile and you don’t really have to dress like Missy Elliot to match your durable plastic wrist accessory.

<< The sports watch from Adidas Seoul collection. This collection was launched in conjunction to the World Cup 2010, The red watch with black and gold rim is supposed to represent the Germany team.

This is the expression when there is a goal.

This is what people do during half-time.

Dress: H&M| Frilly flats: Mossimo| Watch: Adidas Seoul

You can try and match the watch with a fitting black or grey tank dress. If you are adventurous, I think sports watch + vintage dress might make a refreshing combination.

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  1. Wow I love that watch! I prefer mens’ watches in general. Your outfit is cute!

  2. makes me want a bold sporty watch too!

  3. Awesome dress you got!

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