L’Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Eyeshadow – and a Giveaway!

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L’Oréal Paris has recently launched a limited edition quad palette series known as Open Eyes Chrome Intensity. This series comes in 4 different types of bold shades complete with a dazzling gold cover and a beautiful butterfly motif!

I tried out the “Magic Amber” palette, which consists of the Magic Amber colour, Champagne gold highlighter, Addictive Yellow and Open Deep Brown.

The eye shadow is really befitting of its name. Intense is the right word to describe the palette  as the colour shows up very strongly upon one application. Magic Amber is a very nice orange-gold shade and I used it as a liner for the bottom eye lid too.

I like that the eye shadow glides very well on the eye lids and the shades in the palette blend nicely with each other. There are little specks of glitters for a multi-dimensional effect, although the colours are not shimmery. This is good for girls with oily eyelids like me and is really a breeze to apply!

The Open Eyes Chrome Intensity palette is available Watsons, Guardian and major departmental stores at S$19.90.


L’Oréal Paris is giving away an exclusive $50 cosmetics hamper to a lucky reader.

Simply comment on this entry with a trivia or a beauty tip related to eye shadow.

I will pick the one who posted the most interesting response as the winner.  The closing date of this giveaway is 2 July, 12pm.

This giveaway is open for all readers who are residing in Singapore. Please remember to fill in a valid email address when you post your comment.

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  1. a thin layer of primer will smoothen eyelids and allows eyeshadow to stay vibrant and long-lasing throughout the day (and nite ^_^)

  2. Use urban decay primer potion for long lasting effects! Use a kohl pencil to line your water lines and brighten the inner corners of your eye with a white highlighter! =)

  3. To make the eye looks bigger, sweep a light shade over lid, shade the outer corner of the lid and the crease with a darker shade.
    Followed by eye liner on the outer upper and lowed lids and elongate the line slightly outside the eye.
    Finish it with a white or cream shadow start from the middle of the browbone to the end to add definition to the over eye make up.

  4. Never pile on a single solid dark shadow to death. That look is so not 2010 and will only make eyes look smaller. Always blend into a lighter colour to achieve a gradient over your lids. Now that’s hot eye shadow.

  5. Accidentally dropped and shattered your eye shadow palette?

    Don’t fret! Simply rub a few drops of alcohol to bind the powder together, clean up the edges and the palette will look as new again!

  6. If you’re going for dramatic red lips, cover unsightly blue lines on lids with a concealer or shadow primer and then keep eyeshadow light.

  7. In 4000 BC Egypt, men and women wore glitter eye shadow made from the crushed shells of beetles

  8. Gorgeous colours from Loreal..i love thats it good for oily eyelids like mine..gonna try it..and i love smoky eyes and here’s a little tip i learnt on applying smoky eyes so as not to looked too “brusied” eye.
    For more natural Smokey looking eyes, smudge in your eyeliner by creating tiny circular motions near the lashes to blend in the color..

  9. To prevent eye shadow from fading through the day, use this simple layering technique: first, choose a crème base and powder eye shadow of the same shade (or similar), apply the crème eye shadow as a base and the powder form over it and whoa! The crème base will hold the powder and the color will stay vibrant throughout!

  10. i would love to try this Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Eyeshadow, if it’s really good for oily eyelids.

    As a lazy person and in order to save money$$, i’ve gt a great cost-saving tip for long-lasting eyeshadow (especially when you are for smokey eyes, bits of the black/brown eyeshadow usually drop when applying, leaving a dirty and unfinished-look makeup. Hence, this would reduce/eliminate the dropping bits and powder of your eyeshadow

    >> Before applying eyeshadow, Spray some clear water or hydrating water onto your eyeshadow brush and gently press the brush on a tissue paper to leave out excess water.

  11. I apply a little pressed powder with my eyeshadow brush along my lower eyelid area especially at the outer corners to prevent my eyeshadow and mascara from smudging under the eyes. Also, I cannot live without my favourite cleanser for eye makeup and mascara – cleansing oil, it removes everything without any tugging at all. I love Biore’s, cheap and good!

    my email is jansng@gmail.com

    Thanks for organizing the giveaway 🙂

  12. In order to proect them from the ‘evil eye’,Iraqi men and women painted their faces with khol.

    I will try not to match my eyeshadows with my outfit but an easy way out for me is to do a smoky eyes (using browns colors for day) and intensify it (using greys and blacks) in the night.

  13. To get the eyeliner look without the harsh or fierce look, use an applicator with a pointed rounded tip to brush a dark and intense eyeshadow colour and ‘draw’ a line across your eyelids as how you would using an eyeliner.

  14. If LTA has been unkind and built tracks on your face with or without your permission, trash away your shimmering and candy colors now! These glitzering and loud eyeshadow will only amplify your lines and wrinkles. And skip those under-eye liners please, they simply multiply your age and make you look drag and passé. Make do with earth-tone and darker shades to bring up your maturity and grace!

  15. I always suggesting placing some white or bright (light color) eyeshadow in the corner of your eye because it makes the eye sparkle and pop even more!

  16. Do not want to see a line with thick eyeshadow after half a day, try using a primer that will do the job. Want your eyes to sparkle try a white eyeliner in under your lower eye. If you want to have a more contour and nicer nose, apply a little more brown tone eyeshadow matte do not use shimmer at the starting from corner of the inner eye lip nearer to the nose bone to define the contour of your nose and you will get to see a deeper set of your eyes. You can you different colours to bring out the different side of you, radiant, cheerful, give a try is fun.

  17. want to get another kind of colour from your eyeshadows? apply it wet, simply wet the brush and get the colour you want, works best with a dark colour eyeshadow.

    1 eyeshadow, 2 colours

    whats more, applying it wet will make it stay a little longer

  18. Hi, I wanna ask where to buy the whole set of that palette. They sell it for sgd19.90/each. do you know where I can buy cheaper price? I had already cobalt version, but i want more..haha..please do let me know, im make up addicted.

    • Hey missyheart888 – I have no idea where u can get them at a cheaper price. but you can make use of any discount vouchers to watsons or guardian when you buy them?

      • I bought them last week.Coz i wanna use the pink mania for smokey eyes tutorial..haha..just for fun. anyway thank you so much. I already subscribe to your blog. what is your youtube channel? here’s mine:


        I cant wait to be updated to your blog =)
        take care.

    • sure babe! i have moved my blog to MsGlitzy.com by the way. So this wordpress.com one is no longer updated. Do visit MsGlitzy.com often ya?

      my youtube is: http://www.youtube.com/user/glitzchannel

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