Flowers and Socks

April 28, 2010 at 10:34 am | Posted in Miss G: Outfits | 7 Comments
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I hear ye, seems like quite a number of you are not keen on revealing your socks in sunny Singapore.

You guys should know well that I am hardly an adventurous dresser. Sometimes I wish I know how to layer or mix and match a bit better. Then again, I mustered my courage and decided to wear my socks out on Saturday.

Floral shirt dress: H&M| Chain bag: H&M| Dark gray socks: Japan| Oxfords: ASOS

I think I ended up looking a bit Jappy. Haha.

My friend, sgprincess, decided to flaunt her latest buy – a Skin Couture striped tank that she bid from the Give a Gift Charity Auction.

Top: Skin Couture| White tube dress: Chaos| Shoes: S$19.90 from a random shop at Far East Plaza that was closing down

And a mental note to self, I need to take more pictures of my daily work outfit!

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  1. […] floral dress, Outfit, winter Just remembered that my friend from Shanghai, W, bought the same H&M shirt dress as me and wore it in the cold wintry weather early this […]

  2. I don’t mean to be rude, but my opinion is that the length of the socks you wore should be paired up with heels instead. While knee high socks would go better with the flat oxfords. This combination somehow reminds me of middle age men from eons ago. LOL

    Check out page 4

    • ah! i wanted to match with heels but it looked weird.. but thanks for you suggestions!! 😀

  3. your friend looked hot in that skin couture number. my cropped vest is still in the wash. the jacket i have to save for cooler weather

    i go with hitomibunny’s suggesstion. but i’ve also seen ppl wear socks with shoes against rules and some do still work. or maybe it’s just really subjective. i personally would also take into consideration the shape of my shoes, so that makes it even harder for me. i tried to sockit today but it didn’t take off again. pictures just up 😛

    • thanks babe! will go take a look at your pix! 😀

  4. I like your combi! The purple socks are nice. Will be interesting if you’ve paired with heels but I think the look still worked. Everyone has their own definition of what works best but most important is, you’re comfortable with how you look right? 😉

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