Poll: Rock the Sock?

April 19, 2010 at 10:55 am | Posted in Miss G: Fashion | 14 Comments
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The keymistress tipped me off about the Socks, which prompted me to scour for socks styles on the web.

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I found some pretty interesting outfits put together by the Japanese on StyleArena:

Several designers added socks into their ensemble in their Spring/Summer 2010 shows too:

Frankly, I find socks a quirky addition to the outfits and have been trying to think of ways to incorporate them. Christian Dior has demonstrated that we can look sexy and sensual in socks, so I don’t see how this can’t work. I do wonder if my employers will raise their eyebrows if I decided to show off my socks in my office garb.

What do you think? Will you ubiquitously expose your socks in Singapore?

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  2. Rock the sock for sure!!! I’ll tell you…if I worked in an office and some lady was showing off her socks, well, it might not be good for the company but it would be great for me! All my attention would be on that woman and her legs!

    • Haha, very insightful, Ed! Good to hear from a guy’s perspective!

  3. […] I have short dresses. I have wedges (albeit less chunky). I just need to search for my Japanese socks! Cast a vote and tell me, Yeah or Nay to Socks? […]

  4. in the office, i doubt- but maybe outside of the office 🙂

    • yeah, i’ve found my socks. gonna try to put together an outfit soon!

  5. i want to rock in socks but maybe i have to give up the idea. i still have yet to wear the socks i got from tokyo. i was too chicken sh:t for the knee-hi or thigh-hi vivienne westwood socks. loved the colours but they’re expensive and are almost like those flowered tights/leggings that i seriously hate. sorry if you wear these 😛

    • Those are nice too but I m thinking of shorter socks.. Will try and see if it looks ok on me…

  6. pl post soon, yah? btw, i think i’ve tried a similar look like that 3rd girl in style arena, which is the most conservative, really.

    got a note to pick up a package. should be the charity loot? i already forgot, can you imagine…

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  8. I think it’s the influx of China nationals in Singapore. They walk around with exposed socks ALL the time because it’s very cold in their country, and they are used to it. Now that they are practising the habit in Singapore, a lot of people, especially youngsters find it rather strange, such that we still wouldn’t do it.

    Recently, I spotted La Senza ads in the train stations, with models all exposing the socks. And I actually find that it works!! I’ve thought of trying it, but none of my heels seem to be able to pull off the mis-matched properly.

    I find some of the models you’ve featured here rather strange too. Really, not all of them match/mis-match well.

    • Hi Jyoan, thanks for your views! Maybe the climate and dress culture of the country plays a part too…
      Not sure whether you have seen this: https://glitzy.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/more-about-socks/

      I got a bit inspired after seeing the way she matched socks. Although I must say I look kinda Jappy after I wore a similar ensemble. Will post pictures up next week. 🙂

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  10. I really, really like this look. I used to wear knee highs with practically everything (back in my younger, cosplay-addicted days) but ive never worn ankle socks wit heels. I wonder if this is still considered an acceptable look. hmmm.

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