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I have heard so much Yays and Nays about Wild Honey that I decided that I had to try it to form my own judgment.

Tucked at a corner of Mandarin Gallery, we had to wait for about half an hour for a table when we reached at 12pm.

I fell in love with the comfortable decor of this place. The floral mismatched couches, the dim lighting and the chill-out music made me felt really lazy on a Saturday afternoon. In fact, Wild Honey reminded me of a random breakfast place at Manhattan, where I used to go to the counter and place my order, then bring my coffee/tea over to the window area to people watch.

Food-wise, the cafe adopts this rather refreshing approach of offering breakfasts from different countries. You can choose Swiss, Japanese, Tunisian, Scandinavian etc etc depending on your mood and cravings. Refer to the full menu here. If you are unsure, there are 2 sets of Ipod Touch at the counter where you can refer to the pictures.

I had the European breakfast ($18) with a cup of Hot Chocolate. The Hot Chocolate was nothing to shout about but the European breakfast, which consisted of Eggs Benedict with field mushrooms & ham on top of brioche bread, was delicious. The egg yolk oozed out and combined with the sweet brioche, while supplemented by the texture and taste of the savory mushrooms and ham. I love it! While the portion looks tiny, the set was actually quite filling. Undoubtedly, the price is on the slightly higher side but I didn’t mind paying for the quality of the food.

The Californian breakfast ($18) consisted of scrambled eggs, tofu, herbs, peppers on ciabatta. It was apparently very good too!


There is something for everyone. You can go for something exotic like the Yemen or Tunisian breakfast. For the sweet tooth, there are Belgium, Canadian and Sweet Morning. Pricing is on the higher side of the spectrum, as each person spends about $27 for breakfast and hot drink. It doesn’t help that the cafe doesn’t accept reservations and waiting time could be long. Nonetheless, I had a very comfortable and relaxed breakfast experience and wouldn’t mind paying Wild Honey another visit.

I bet some of you might ask if I prefer Spruce or Wild Honey. If I have the luxury of time and transport, I would go to Spruce anytime for its quieter location and more affordable offerings. Wild Honey, on the other hand, provide a homely respite from the crazy shopping or errand-running at Orchard.

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6235 3900

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  1. My friends have been telling me about Wild Honey one by one, I just never wake up in time for brunch… But I can’t take reading another positive review about them any longer, have to go!

    • It’s all-day brunch, so you can go there anytime of the day for brunch! 🙂

  2. We went last weekend!

    Had Tunisian (yummy!), two English (usual fry-up, but done well and very filling), and New York (bagel, cream cheese, etc.).

    We also tried this humongous strawberry banana smoothie. My goodness, it was seriously huge! But refreshing.

    • Ok, I need to go there again. I had 2nd thoughts about Tunisian after seeing the pictures.. decided to go for the “safer” option which was European. New York sounds good too! I love bagels!

  3. This looks SO delicious. Makes me wish I was in Singapore!

  4. I went there with my boyfriend about a month ago – we had a really bad experience there. Agree that the interior is gorgeous, but that doesn’t help when it took over 30 minutes to seat us, despite the fact they had empty tables. We were finally sat at the bar stools (which were wobbly!). My boyfriend had the english breakfast, and the scrambled eggs were completely bland, and the sausages looked and tasted disgusting. I had the french toast with mango, which was nice, but not really worth the price – its expensive with rubbish service. We’re never going back!

    • hey Carmen, good to hear about your experience! we had relatively good service when we were there – maybe it wasn’t that crowded at 12pm and the staff could give us a bit more attention.

      agree that the pricing is on the high side.

      maybe you can give Spruce a try next time! 🙂

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