Supper Trail with Radio 91.3 (Part 2)

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Progressing to the 4th and 5th stops of the Supper Trail with Radio 91.3

Fourth stop: Japanese Dining SUN @ Chjimes

I felt that I have unearthed another gem at Chjimes. Located at #02-01, it is not easy to spot this Japanese restaurant when you are walking around the area. Under the same management as the popular Sun with Moon chain, Japanese Dining SUN share similar contemporary and classy interiors, allowing diners to have a relaxed and comfortable dining experience.

We were introduced to the new “Hokuriku” menu, which will be available at SUN and Sun with Moon from now till 6th May.

Where is Hokuriku? The Hokuriku region is the northwestern part of Japan, which includes prefectures of Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui. As it is located by the coastline and mountains, the Hokuriku region boasts many variety of seafood.

We were introduced to the White Shrimps, which is a specialty of Toyama Bay and are known to be very sweet. Toyama Bay is a beautiful fishing area, which supplies a great deal of fresh seafood!

(clockwise) The White Shrimp sashimi sushi ($12.80 for 2 pieces) was absolutely divine and the deep fried white shrimps ($15.80) felt like a good snack which would go well with beer or sake.

Tofu Dengaku ($5.80), on the other hand, is an Ishikawa dish. Ishikawa is a cultural-rich place which was formally the territory of the Samurai lords. The beancurd was very soft and silky and as tofu is naturally bland, it complemented well with the sweet walnut miso sauce.

(left) The Wagyu beef dish is the only dish served that night that was not in the Hokuriku menu. I’m sure it’s a signature dish! Apparently, the beef is imported from Kyushu and each slice of beef was so tender and soft. The beef slices melted in the mouth, leaving the fragrance of the really good meat. If I wasn’t full from the previous stops, I would have savoured the entire plate!

(right) Himi Udon ($12.80) is a thinner version of udon from the Toyama prefecture.The texture and consistency was superb and different from soba (which the Himi Udon kind of resembles). The noodles was springy and when dipped into the dipping sauce, it tasted refreshing and light. On normal days, I could go on and on with the udon without any other side dishes.

The experience at SUN Japanese Dining was one of the best of the entire Supper Trail. I would definitely head back there again to try more food in future!

Fifth stop: La Viva

La Viva (#01-12/13/14) was a good place as the last stop of the event as everyone could chill and mingle at the bar.

If I were working near the area, I would bring my colleagues for drinks at La Viva because (1) the ambience is casual (2) everyone could grab a beer or sangria (3) they serve a wide range of food!

I would love to try and review them all but unfortunately, I couldn’t go on with eating anymore. If you intend to have dinner at Chjimes, do add La Viva as your drinks stop just to chill and chit chat.

All in all, it was indeed a great night out with old and new friends! If you are interested to take part in such events in future, simply tune in to Radio 91.3 (English) or Radio 100.3 (Chinese)!

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  1. Nice dress!!! love the graphics!

    • Thanks babe! 🙂 That was a good buy from BCBG!

  2. Ms Miles’s bf is uber hawt! Hahaha.

    • ??!!!??!!?
      Ms Miles also quite hawt la.

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