What should real women wear?

March 14, 2010 at 11:14 am | Posted in Miss G: Fashion | 9 Comments
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I applaud the decision to show real women on the runway. But I prefer real women to showcase clothes that real women should wear.

So, I don’t quite agree with British designer Mark Fast’s idea of real women on the runway, as seen on London Fashion Week FW 2010.

I don’t think these body-hugging knits flatter the models at all. It would have been lovely if the designer could design clothes for different shapes and sizes, and dress the models according to what would be flattering on them.

With that, I conclude personally that this attempt to put plus-size models on the runway is just a half-hearted gimmick.

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  1. I wonder if those outfits would look better if the styling was a bit neater… To be honest those women look frumpy and tired 😦

    • Yeah! They probably won’t too comfortable in the tight fitting clothes?

    • Thanks! I like the Fashion Tidbits’ writeup. Put it bluntly, we probably wouldn’t know who Mark Fast is if he didn’t do these twice in a row…

  2. My thoughts exactly. I was unimpressed; like what was he trying to prove? His designs just made them look frumpy, not curvy in a good way.

  3. Very true, it wasn’t very flattering!

  4. Hmm, funny thing is that they probably aren’t plus size models but look it compared to who they usually use.

    Anyway, these outfits look horrible.

    • The lady with black hair, Crystal Renn, is size 16. Actually she has flabs at normal areas… it’s really the horrible clothes! blah..

  5. i think you’re 100% right about this. he has not designed outfits that flatter their bodies. it’s very sad.

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