Anniversary Project: Let’s Care and Celebrate!

March 12, 2010 at 10:10 am | Posted in Let's Care and Celebrate | 2 Comments
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I have been tweeting about this mysterious #glitzyproject for sometime. Now, I am ready to start revealing details about it and I need everyone’s support!

As Miss Glitzy’s Monologue is reaching its first anniversary on 2nd April, I wanted to celebrate this wonderful milestone by helping a charitable cause. Together with Joe & Dough, which is celebrating its first anniversary on 31st March, we will be supporting the Singapore Council of Women Organisations – The Star Shelter. The Star Shelter provides a temporary refuge for women and their children from family violence and assists women to rebuild their lives after violence.

Many of us are fortunate to love and be loved. Why not take this opportunity to care for other women, and learn how we can help if our friends and loved ones meet with similar situations?

I am really excited about the upcoming events! For a start Wiwit and I will be meeting some of the residents this week. Wiwit, who has a popular makeup tutorial Youtube channel, will teach them makeup skills. Silkygirl has kindly sponsored the goodie bags with a full set of basic makeup items from foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara and even fragrance for these ladies!

There will be some events coming up which you can participate in… I will be revealing them bit by bit on my blog and the campaign page.

So stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. wow dear! this is such an awesome initiative 🙂 u have my fullest support , proud of u 🙂 xoxox

    • Thanks babe!!! Really need your support – trying to blog a lot and a lot about this project. 😀

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