Lash extensions at Pink Parlour (and a Special Promotion)

March 9, 2010 at 11:06 am | Posted in Miss G: Beauty | 8 Comments
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Miss Glitzy was invited by Pink Parlour to review their “Flirty Lashtensions” service. And this was my first lash extension experience!

Lash extensions are synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials that are applied to your eyelashes. The result is a fuller, longer look that is more natural than applying fake strip eyelashes. As the lash extension is attached one by one, the dexterity and skill of the beautician is very important. The whole process takes about 1.5-2 hours.

The beautician placed a plastic on the lower lid and combed my real lashes downwards, before applying the extension with adhesive and sticking them one by one.

The lash extensions typically last for about a month. It is quite a breeze as you achieve bigger eyes without any eyeliner or mascara! However, you need to take good care of the extensions to prevent them from dropping off.

  • Be mindful of the extensions while washing your face. Do not rub your eyes.
  • Do not use oil-based beauty products around the eye area, as these will weaken the adhesive bonds and cause the extensions to fall off.
  • Use a lash brush to clean/comb your extensions. I also stroke a damp cotton bud to my extensions to keep them clean.

The Flirty Lashtensions service at Pink Parlour cost $128. This includes one free touch-up within 2 weeks. Subsequently, touch-up service costs $48 and lash extensions removal costs $48 too.

If you would like to remove your extensions, I would recommend you to go back to the beautician for removal instead of pulling the extensions off on your own. The professionals would use a solvent to remove the adhesive, which should leave your real lashes more or less intact.

Last but not least, Pink Parlour has extended a promotion for readers. Just quote “Miss Glitzy” when making your appointment and your Lash Extension will cost only $68 (instead of $128).

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  1. wow long thick lashes! ❤
    does that mean you can't use oil-based makeup remover (the one with blue & clear liquid) as well?

    • yes, preferably not at the eye/lash area.

  2. like your dress 🙂

  3. i mean – what you’re wearing. is it a dress? haha…

  4. looks gd, thanks!

    • Thanks for helping to take pictures too!

  5. looks gd

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