What’s in my bag?

February 24, 2010 at 11:37 am | Posted in Miss G: Fun | 6 Comments
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Janice has done it. So did Faz. Monoxious did it too.

So Miss Glitzy joins in the fun.

As a corporate lady, I prefer roomy bags so that I can dump anything and everything inside. Look at my mess and you will understand.

  • Mini umbrella from Japan (small and light!)
  • Monthly essential in strawberry pouch
  • House keys
  • Thumbdrive with cute Korean knot (for emergencies!)
  • Clorets mint
  • Earphones for my iPhone
  • Esprit namecard holder with work and blog namecards
  • Shiseido blotter
  • Tissue paper
  • Pen
  • ZA Lip stick (I have used this to death)
  • Pearlie White Anti-bacterial Breath Spray (useful before any important meetings/dates)
  • Shiseido Water-In-Lip lip balm (my favourite lip balm, very moisturising and glossy)
  • Kate Spade wallet
  • Coach wristlet with tissue paper (to reserve seats during lunch), work pass and iPhone.

I realise I don’t carry any cosmetics for touch-up!

And tell me what’s in your bag, ok? Either send me your blog link, or post the picture on my FB Page!

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  1. hey ms glitzy! i did a what’s in my bag post for the L’officiel contest too! My bag contents aren’t as interesting as yours though! You can view it here: http://oheightnine.wordpress.com/ 🙂

    • Hey Gidania! Yes, I saw your post too! You are way neater than me. Haha!

  2. Wow~ thanks for linking back!!! I love iPhone users!

  3. Love the strawberry pouch! I take pics of such whenever I change my bag, but I never manage to get them on my blog LOL! I think I can dig up an old blogpost from somewhere…

  4. I’m using the thumbdrive from KTB too! It’s so pretty~ lol

    Lynette (http://kokokoreano.com)

  5. Hitomibunny’s entry: http://ameblo.jp/hitomibunny/entry-10468198218.html

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