Poll: Fur in Singapore?

January 25, 2010 at 11:07 am | Posted in Miss G: Fashion | 5 Comments
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I am referring to Faux Fur, of course.

I have been quite intrigued by the variety of fur offerings this season and some of the fur pieces seems great for our weather. But with fur, it can be a tad tricky. You either look cool and contemporary in it, or people might pass you off as a tai-tai (rich man’s wife) wannabe.

(from left) Joie Dreamer Faux Fur Jacket – US$388, Members Only Faux Fur Vest (OOS), Graham and Spencer Fur Collar Vest US$407

(from left) Vero Moda Shaggy Yarn Waistcoat US$42.49, AX Faux Fur Shrug US$39

I think faux fur vests are suitable for Singapore’s weather, but I am undecided about this trend. Moreover, fur pieces are a challenge to store at home.

What about you? Cast a vote!

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  1. I think the fur trend should drop- it’s overused. Even for countries with seasons.

    So… Nope!

  2. well it’s a trend, eh? they’re cute, i hafta say. i might try them if i were younger and daring. i’d stick with my own way of layering. i like my clothes to speak, yes but not too loud like that, such that the clothes wear me. having said this, a colleague recently wore a vest tone-on-tone and i think it worked quite well. she’s already a pretty and tall lass so there’s no fighting for attention; and it’s easy on the eyes.

  3. Yes, it’s a trend this fall and interestingly, quite a number of stores here stocks fur pieces.. this was hardly the case a few years ago.

    while thick fur jackets might not be feasible here, some lighter pieces can help to emphasise texture on the outfit. besides the concern that this is just a fad, my other qualm about fur is that it’s difficult to keep in good condition!

  4. I loved the fur vests Zara was stocking, but considering the fact that I perspire when I wear barely nothings in SG, I didn’t even dare try. How unfortunate.

    • Hey Faz, I think some of the fur vests at Zara that I saw are indeed too thick. I saw some cute ones at F21! Although I was wondering where I could wear them to.. maybe to a wedding dinner or something.

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