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January 8, 2010 at 10:26 am | Posted in Miss G: Food | 4 Comments
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I was invited to Duo Le at Orchard Central for Christmas Dinner with a few other bloggers. It was quite a cozy event and I went home with another restaurant added in my recommended list.

I have tried Shanghainese, Beijing and Sichuan food but I have no idea about Shaanxi fare. According to my research, Shaanxi cuisine makes elaborate use of ordinary materials and their flavour tends to be strong – through the use of salt, garlic, onion, and vinegar. Duo Le may be the new kid in F&B in Singapore, they have actually accumulated over 15 years of history with a few restaurants in Shaanxi. In fact, the director of the restaurant, Eric, spent most of his growing up days helping out in the restaurant in China.

Just wanted to share some of my favourites from the restaurant:

1)Appetiser: Handmade Shaanxi cold noodles with homemade spicy sauce 陕西手工面皮 (S$6.80)

This is a signature Shaanxi dish and is different from the variants from other parts of China. The cold noodles were thin and soft and complemented well with the slightly spicy chilli sauce. It is a starter to excite your taste buds!

2) Seafood with steamed potato (S$26.80)

I couldn’t find the name of the dish on the website but as a potato lover, I love how the potato was cooked. It was mashed, stir-fried and then steamed. This treatment gives the mashed potato a stickier and heavier texture which, again, balanced out with the lighter gravy and ingredients.

3) Spicy Ma La Fish (S$28.80)

This dish looks spicy but Duo Le has modified it to suit local palates. It does not have the typical numbing spiciness that we experience in Sichuan hot pots. In fact, the gravy was quite fragrant and as long as you refrain from biting the chillies, you should be safe. The fish slices were soft, tender and very fresh.

4) Deep-fried prawns wrapped with homemade sauce and potatoes 迎送虾 (S$28.80 for 8 pieces)

This is Duo Le’s signature dish and it did not disappoint. The prawn is marinated with a secret homemade sauce and wrapped with a netting composed of potato shreds. The netting was not very oily and the prawn was well cooked and very succulent.


Great ambience, central location and not overly crowded. This restaurant is a good place for quiet dinners and quality food.

Duo Le
181 Orchard Road
#08-09 Orchard Central
Tel: +65 6509 8616

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  1. ooh i wanna try that ma la fish dish. what’s the price range?

    • the price range is about 20-30 per pax. trying to find out the price of the fish dish… let u know if i have the answer 🙂

    • Babe, the mala fish dish is $28.80. 🙂

      • thanks! i think i might’ve tried something similar in chinatown… cheaper but i just can’t recall if it’s a shaanxi dish. $20-$30 per pax sounds decent anyway 🙂

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