My Guest Post for Dreamsequins’ Gift Yourself Series

December 27, 2009 at 10:39 am | Posted in Miss G: Fashion, Miss G: Fun | 2 Comments
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I have been following Dreamsequins‘ blog for a while and when she asked for guest posts for her “Gift Yourself” series, I volunteered because I knew it would be fun! The name of the game is to find three gifts for yourself for the holidays.

As Dreamsequins is based in NYC and most of her readers are from all over the world, I thought it would be novel to introduce Singapore designers to everyone. So here are my picks for the entry:

Under US$100:

Alldressup Chelone ruffled petal necklace. Alldressedup is a Singaporean label, known for its unique, sophisticated and innovative designs. The Chelone is an interesting statement accessory that is made from nubuck by hand! Not only does it jazzes up the outfit, it serves as a good conversation starter at parties!


Tong Tong Cheongsam Dress. Tong Tong Friendship Store, also from Singapore, designs and sells quirky and modern adaptations of the Chinese traditional cheongsams. This cheongsam dress is bright and cheery. While it retains the traditional Mandarin collars, the dress is modified with a flare skirt that flatters most body shapes. Each dress costs between US$150-450.


Kwanpen leather bag. Kwanpen is one of the pioneer Singaporean brands that manufacture high quality croc leather bags. Each leather bag costs US$1000-6000.

Hope you like this list! What did you gift yourself this year?

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  1. Great guest post! I esp. love the dress – the floral slits make for a pleasant/girly surprise! xo, Mel

    • yeah! it’s also a great way to encourage girls to wear cheongsam. the traditional cheongsam is very tight-fitting and a lot of girls are discouraged to wear it because u need a great figure to rock it.

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