Victoria Beckham’s Wavy Bob

December 23, 2009 at 11:10 am | Posted in Miss G: Beauty | 6 Comments
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I really didn’t intend to write about Mrs Beckham or the Wavy Bob lest my readers get too bored with these old topics but I couldn’t resist posting these:

Mrs Beckham, who made straight short bob famous, has recently hit the new “wave”. Don’t you think the new hairstyle has somehow soften her personality and make her more feminine?

The waves is certainly here to stay in 2010. I’m so going to grow my hair a little longer and invest on a perm or better curling equipment!

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  1. She looks awesome in that hair. I like the chocolate color and the lightness 😀

  2. heh. i blogged about her ‘pob’ not too long ago. i think we like some similar hairstyles. i’ve grown out my “english lady” shoulder length body perm (as commented by a colleague while a friend said it’s quite korean) that you’ve blogged about recently. but i chickened out at the salon so my long locks are still intact. how’s your wavy bob holding up? i just can’t be bothered with tools. i think i’m going to be perming my hair for the rest of my auntyhood, even if i chop the locks off eventually.

    • my wavy bob is gone. lasted for about 2 mths and it’s straight now.. but i think the gd thing about a perm is that the hair is now a bit more voluminous and easier to style.

      anyway merry christmas to you too!

  3. hmm.. i like the idea of a change for her. I do agree, the new style softens her a little bit and makes her a little more approachable. But I would change 2 things:

    Lighten her by 1 -1.5 shades. this dark brown shade is lighter than her previous severe black but still a tad too dark for me. I would much prefer her to be a gorgeous chestnut brown.

    Ease up on the curling tongs. You can see her clearly defined curling-tonged bits of hair on the top layer. although that is what gives it the “styled” look, it makes it look too styled. I would tong her hair sans product, lightly rake my fingers through and spritz a finishing spray to lightly hold it ( not to fix down ).

    in fact, now that i am staring at the pics, i don’t think she did a new hairstyle. It’s just a new styling technique ( curling ) on the same hairstyle. i think she might just wash off this style and revert back to her pob tomorrow..


    • haha so pro, dude! maybe she was testing testing first before she does the real thing. but u know, for normal girls like me, it’s actually not so easy to curl short hair nicely.. i always can’t curl my back properly.

      • well, u forgot what i do ? ahaha.. no la.. just simpl observations…

        i had wanted to add just now. her back was not really curly. the hair near her nape is all straight. so it actually is a combination style.

        What you do is to take the top crown section of your hair ( like Nezha ) and curl that section will do and artfully place all around. of course, your direction must be correct la. Her curling direction is outwards. ( ala Farrah Fawcett ). what i would suggest is to mix it up and do one column inwards, one column outwards, then it’ll be more tousled and natural…

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