Forever Jewels Christmas Treasures Jewellery Extravaganza

December 21, 2009 at 10:42 am | Posted in Miss G: Events | 1 Comment
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Models were spotted at the Forever Jewels Christmas Treasures Media Reception, with pieces from their latest collections.

<< I love this Jayson Brunsdon shirt dress!

Pictures of the fashion show can be found on my Facebook. This launch saw Forever Jewels introduce three new brands under its stable: Cupid, March and Assassino. All three brands have different characteristics: Cupid is trendy, March is more feminine and romantic and Assassino is mysterious and provocative.

Unlike the strong theme that the Forever Jewels showcase in July displayed, the pieces in this latest showcase seem more easily accepted and the designs are more classic, while some items retain a slightly edgy feel.

I know some of you are shopping for engagement rings or wedding bands. If you want something slightly out of the box, maybe you could consider Forever Jewels.

Some of the pieces that would probably serve well as an engagement rings:

(Top, from left) March

1. Enchantment: I think the way the princess-cut diamonds are assembled reminded me of snowflakes!

2. Budding Love: The diamonds are pear-shaped, the little flower pattern adds some girlish element to remind you of your younger and romantic days.

(Bottom, from left) Cupid

3. Flirt: I couldn’t find a digital image from the CD, so I took a picture from the catalog. I already know a few girls who would love to have a bow ring, not to mention a diamond-encrusted bow ring! I only wish that the bow could be a bit smaller and modest so that it didn’t look so over-the-top.

4. 7.7: I think this suits those girls who are not afraid to show their personality through bold accessories.

And here’s my personal favourite from the showcase:

This cutie is from March‘s WHIMSY Collection. It’s a white rose ring with an aquamarine and 2 rubies (eyes of the bird!) and 22 round diamonds (0.16ct).

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