Gifts from Abroad: Luxemburgerli Macarons & Sacher Torte

December 4, 2009 at 11:43 am | Posted in Miss G: Food | 1 Comment
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Miss Glitzy is fortunate to have well-traveled colleagues who bring back goodies to the office!

#1 Luxemburgerli macarons

Luxemburgerli macarons are made in Zurich and unlike their French cousins, they are supposed to be lighter and smaller. The packaging is really good, with a plastic cover to “protect” the lovely buttons.

Look at how cute the macaron is! And that thick wallop of ganache!

The macaron shell is really more airy and less chewy than the typical French macarons. One commented that the shell “melts in the mouth”.

Miss Glitzy loves the citron macaron – it is probably the only citrus or fruity macaron that really works so far. However, Luxemburgerli still pale in comparison to the Pierre Hermes.

I think I really need to try the Ladurees!




#2 Hotel Sacher’s Original Sacher Torte

This is a 175-year old chocolate cake from Austria. I mean, the recipe is 175-year-old, not the cake.

The crumbly chocolate sponge cake is thinly coated with chocolate by hand with apricot jam and surrounded by chocolate icing. Its original recipe is a well-kept secret that no one else really knows exactly how to make the Original Sacher torte.

The cake came in a very fine wooden box and it looked as good as gold when it arrived in office. We didn’t fridge it but the chocolate was sturdy, not soft.

First taste of the Sacher Torte is an acquired taste. The cake has a tangy aftertaste which I figured could be due to the apricot jam. Take a second slice and the taste just grows on you and because of the combination of zest and bittersweet chocolate, you just don’t mind having one more slice. This is unlike other thick chocolate fudge cakes which tend to overwhelme with thick chocolate and overdose of sweetness.

Sacher has an online shop and they ship internationally – so you can have your Original Sacher-Torte at home with a nice cup of coffee!

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  1. The macarons look so cute =D

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