Feminine Pants Outfit – Yeah or Nay?

November 3, 2009 at 10:13 am | Posted in Miss G: Outfits | 11 Comments
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Those who followed me on my Facebook probably caught me asking in exasperation a few days ago: “Can I wear skinny jeans to a wedding dinner? Is that disrespectful?”

Well, I ditched the jeans but wore a pants outfit for the dinner. I attempted to “reinvent” an old outfit to make it more suitable for a dinner setting.


I had the same Oasis skinny pants and BCBG silk top that I wore here. I tried to style my hair to get a little bit of “poof” and soft curls for a more romantic look. To jazz up the look, I threw on some pearls and added a pink flower clip! Leather wedges were from Charles & Keith and satin clutch was from ASOS!

Gurlosophy had a chirpy yellow number that was a great buy from Zara sale!

Took photos with a number of friends at the wedding. You know them!

Armotif: A regular on this blog. She rocked in her LBD!
Alvinology: Old friend who grabbed headlines recently for his wedding proposal. Congratulations dude!
Chewy: The princess in shiny armour who saved me from my wardrobe malfunction.

I am not sure whether it would have been more appropriate if I wore a cocktail dress instead. What do you think of my pants outfit for this occasion? Yeah or Nay?

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  1. i personally think it’s A-perfect…:) so it’s a yeah for me…

    i think the top that u donned in..was already suiting the formal theme of wedding dinners and i reckon most of the wedding functions here..aren’t really the cocktail dressy kind unless otherwise stated..hehe!

  2. i like your c&k shoes. i think slim pants with such a top surely work. i’m just not sure about the colours. i’d probably end up wearing black as well, if i can’t find beige ones – which might turn up too matchymatchy. so. it’s a yeah from me.

  3. Thanks Belinda! Actually these days, most girls turn up in pretty fine dresses to weddings!

    Thanks Tom Tuttle from Tacoma! I think C&K has been churning out great shoes.. if only they could go easy on the heel height. My top is blue+mauve colour. But as you pointed out, probably a lighter colour top would have been more outstanding..

  4. u look fabulous! the outfit was the first thing i noticed when i flipped to your site – i went WOW. love the top and the pairing of the accessories to complement it.

    (Actually, i think you look better than some of the girls in dresses- cos it’s more sleek and urban :P)

    • thanks for your kind words! 🙂

  5. Hey babe, wow u look great! so does chew wee and ms chubby! what are u wearing in your hair dear? where do i get it. love the look

    • Thanks Steph! I was wearing a flower clip that I bought from H&M.

      You can find similar ones in different colours at Forever 21, Accessorize.. or even some push carts at shopping malls!! 🙂

  6. Nay on skinny jeans, but your pants outfit looked totally adorable! I wore a jumpsuit with billowy legs for my friend’s rehearsal dinner. I think it’s all about what you pair on top if you’re going the pants route. As long as it’s dressier on top, I think you’re fine!

    x ws x

  7. wah, which CS wedding was this! heh

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