Cookyn up a storm with Mervyn

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Drink, socialise, do a little cooking and enjoy the sure-tasty outcome.

The best part, you don’t need to clean up!

Sounds like a great party idea?

Cookyn with Mervyn works on the concept of cook, socialise and eat! We signed up for the Italian menu and went hands-on to prepare our own 4-course dinner.

The Early Birds

The cooking studio at Novena Gardens was cosy and well-equipped. At $80 per person, the session came with 4 bottles of wine. However, participants are welcomed to bring their own bottle of poison. That’s unlimited alcohol with no extra corkage!

Mervyn’s cooking class is not structured like a serious cooking school. There is no pressure to be a culinary god/dess as everyone could just sit back and learn at your own pace. We chopped, kneaded, stirred and mixed our food under Mervyn’s guidance.


After 2 hours of “hard” work, we got to enjoy our Food of labour. And there is no such thing as culinary disaster here.

(Top  from left) Zuppa Vongole Bianco (Soup of live clams and white wine served with crusty bread), Italian Meatball Casserole with fresh Mozzarella Cheese
(Bottom from left) Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle, Strawberry Panna Cotta


Every dish was delicious! The vongole soup was light although the smell of white wine was strong and fragrant. I especially love the meat balls which was huge and well-seasoned. The risotto was tasty – we added black truffle puree! The dessert for the day was the panna cotta with freshy chopped strawberries that was seasoned with sugar. Absolute Yums!


All along, a number of peeps thought Ting and I look alike.

I was chatting with Harold of BeyondSG about blogging and it was a great exchange.

A while later, as he was leaving the studio, he shook Ting’s hand and said, “I’ll go back and check out your blog.”


We ended the great evening with a group photo. Spot me!

It was a great session for mingling, activity and food-tasting. This is really ideal for team-bonding or group reunion where everyone gets to know each other better. Some of us are itching to go for another Cookyn session soon!

Cookyn with Mervyn
273 Thomson Road #04-01
Novena Gardens (Lift Lobby B)
Singapore 307644

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  1. ah. risotto with truffle – heaven.

    does Ting have a blog? lol.

  2. oh and is that a necklace? please tell me where you got it. i love it.

    • haha she doesn’t have a blog!

      the necklace is from F21!

  3. How fun! I don’t/can’t cook but this looks like a great time. And I LOVE Italian food! 🙂

    Great pics!

    xo, Becs

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