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It has been 2 weeks since the Lasik surgery and everything is great!

The eyes were operated at The Lasik Surgery Clinic (LSC) at Paragon, by the Senior Eye Consultant – Dr Marc Tay. The total damage was $4.3k inclusive of 10 boxes of Refresh eye drops which is like miracle water for the eyes at least for the first 2 weeks after the surgery.

But seriously, as what another friend commented, Lasik is probably the best invention ever.

  1. Miss Glitzy did not research extensively on the clinics and costs prior to the surgery because people around her did their Lasik surgery at the same clinic. LSC is one of the more established clinics in Singapore with probably the most state-of-art technology.
  2. The procedure she opted for was Wavefront Lasik (IntraLase), or iLasik, whereby the cornea flap is created with a bladeless technology. The Wavefront Lasik helps to enhance night vision, although it’s more useful for those with astigmatism.
  3. Do not wear soft contact lenses for at least 3 days prior to the surgery. You are not supposed to wear any makeup or perfume on the day of surgery.
  4. Do not make your decision solely based on price, but also consider the clinic’s technology, facilities and word of mouth. LSC provides installment plans so you should opt for more advanced surgery that would cost more but have lower probability of complications.

Miss Glitzy booked a morning slot for a consultation with the clinic, and also scheduled a surgery time slot for the afternoon. The whole eye consultation was thorough and took about 3 hours, including a consultation with the doctor. Once the evaluation proved that Glitzy’s eyes were suitable for the surgery, she could have both eyes operated on the same day!


Photo credit: LSC

There was also a great deal of education and counseling for the patients. Patients were asked to watch a video that explains what Lasik surgery is about, and there was an optometrist who explains the procedure verbally. There are risks to the surgery although the whole operation is a painless process and only takes 15 minutes. Patients are required to sign an agreement treatment and consent form. The consultation and wait for the operation was pleasant, as the clinic is well stocked with TV, food, magazines and Wifi! The staff were very responsive and friendly too.

The surgery though, felt like the longest 15 minutes ever! There was a suction being placed on the eyes such that Miss Glitzy could blink but wouldn’t close her eyes during the whole operation. She stared long and hard at the light and tada, the cornea flaps were created. Moved on to the next machine, stared at laser lights again to get her eyes Lasiked. All was fine, her nose was blocked (from sinus) so she couldn’t smell any burning laser smell during the operation. Soon, the lasik on the right eye was completed. There was a plastic film being flipped over and Glitzy suddenly realised that this “plastic film” was her cornea! Ok, suffice to say, that coward literally froze for the next 5-8 minutes when her left eye was being operated, wondering what she had gotten herself into.


Photo credit: LSC

The eyes were extremely uncomfortable immediately after surgery and once she reached home, she took the prescribed sleeping pill and went to sleep.

After that one day in the clinic and 6 hours of sleep, life was perfect again. 🙂


Miss Glitzy recommends everyone to get the goggles (S$15) from the clinic – wear it to sleep, to bathe or even when you’re going out! These goggles did a great job in protecting the 4000-dollar new eyes!

Any questions on Lasik? Ask Miss Glitzy on this blog, Twitter or Facebook! Be a fan of Miss Glitzy’s Monologue on Facebook and win a collectible from Uniqlo!

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  1. didn’t know you were short-sighted. how blind were you? my regular glasses are goggles too. clear frames with thick thick lens. my colleague said i looked like mr bean’s gf. lol.

    • quite blind.. close to 800 degrees. 🙂

  2. ooh how was it? I’m thinking about Lasik too – but I love my geeky glasses! Dilemma. LOL.

    • i think you should go for it! best invention ever!

    • i wish my geeky glasses love me. you’re young, can really consider now. i’m of age, that’s why i didn’t think i need to correct my blindness.

      i’m more blind than you, Miss Glitzy. 800-850 for me.

  3. That is a really nice post about your LASIK experience, we were on of the the first commercial site to use Intralasik in the world, and it is so nice to see that it has caught on so well.
    Best of luck.


  4. that’s something i’ve been procrastinating for a while. neeed to fix my eyes soon!

    • Yes, schedule it during a lull period at work because you will probably need at least 1-2 days leave.. and ideally the eyes should not be strained on the first week.

  5. Information about LASIK procedure, laser eye surgery complications, cost, alternatives, online directory of Laser Eye Surgeons that connects prospective patients with a surgeon in their local area.

  6. Hi

    I do not have astigmatism but my degree is ard 600. I am worried abt the side effects after the surgery. Heard that most ppl suffer from halos and eye dryness. Do you suffer from any permanent side effects?

    • You will experience dryness for a few weeks after the op. That is normal, just be religious in applying eye drops. As for halo, that might occur for a week or so after op, especially at night. This is because your eyes are still recovering.

      I did not experience halos though.. My eye sight was pretty fine the 2nd day after surgery.

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