The Durians went over the Moon

September 19, 2009 at 9:48 pm | Posted in Miss G: Food | 3 Comments
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mmdurianWhen the Durian Mooncakes first appeared, the filling was merely lotus paste added with durian essence to provide the durian flavour.

Anyway, those were Durian Mooncakes Version 1.0.

Miss Glitzy bought a Durian Mooncake Version 2.0 from Change Alley the other day:  the Marina Mandarin Peach Blossoms Durian snowskin mooncake.

The outer white layer was the almond-flavoured snowskin and the chunky yellow layer was the Cat Mountain King durian paste with real durian bits!

The best way to enjoy is to allow the mooncake  to thaw for a while so that the durian paste gets slightly creamy. It felt like eating Durian mochi. And yes, you’ll  be rewarded with Cat Mountain King durian breath after the treat.

Price wise, each piece costs $7.50. A box of 8 costs $56 before any credit card discount.

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  1. do you think durian puffs taste better, as a durian fan? i’m just not so adventurous with flavoured mooncakes but i’m curious how the almond skin goes with the cat mountain king durian paste. they say the charcoal skin mooncake’s very nice.

    • couldn’t really taste the almond flavour of the skin but would prefer durian mooncake to puffs because durian mooncake would taste a bit like mochi – prefer such texture more. 🙂

      charcoal skin?!?!

  2. hee. i mean the skin’s still like mochi but it contains real charcoal. heard it’s a lil bitter but great with the paste. it’s by homefavourite, iirc. my bro recently bought some fusion mooncakes – i tried this papaya milk flavoured one (with lotus paste) and a cranberry snowskin with cheese paste one. not too bad. there’s an oreo one that i’m not too game to try. i just prefer eating chocolate naked, without mochi skin and stuff.

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