Glitz Channel Ep 5: The Jingle… and some Bloopers

September 2, 2009 at 9:23 pm | Posted in Glitz Channel | 10 Comments
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Miss Jazzy (the M Connoisseur of the M Project) and her band, Only After Coffee, helped to compose and record a jingle for Glitz Channel!

The band came up with the jazzy and catchy tune, along with the exaggerated lyrics and Miss Jazzy was the voice behind the jingle! Thanks so much for your help and hard work, OaC! The band is available for public/wedding performances. Just drop them a note!

And for the 5th episode of Glitz Channel, it is a consolidation of bloopers accumulated from previous episodes. Just sit back and laugh!

Hello everybody, whatcha’ doing today?
Miss Glitzy’s got something for you
Fun, food and fashion on a little platter for you

Verse 1:
She knows where to go, for that next big date
The emergency present when you know you’re late
A dress and the trinkets to fit the occasion
For the everyday girl that’s searching for that “ooh-la la”

Verse 2:
She knows the trend-setters and the go-getters
She know what’s in and what’s not
She know who, where, what’s going on
She’s Miss Glitzy


Oh, I don’t know, would somebody tell me where am I to go?
I don’t know, but Miss Glitzy does

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  1. Oh wow!

    Miss Jazzy, didn’t know you can sing as well! You and your band (Only after coffee)are really good.

    Now let’s look for a record label……

    • She asked me to set this song as my RINGTONE.

  2. wahahah… i should play it at the cafe

  3. Thanks Ms Glitzy for allowing Only After Coffee to jazz up your page! ahah and thanks Joe & Dough for your kind words, perhaps we could whip up something for your lovely cafe 🙂

    • it was really well done! I would get to staff to dance to you jingle if that happens. lol

  4. love your tone, Miss Jazzy.

    you “huh” look was really cute, Miss Glitzy. lol.

  5. Congrets on ur Ep5 ! This is awesome… Love it. =D

  6. On behalf of Only after coffee,I would like to thank Ms Glitzy for giving us such an awesome opportunity to write a jingle for her! You rock Ms Glitzy!! Woots!

  7. Anyway we will be doing a re-record of the song to polish some stuff up! looking forward to working with you again!

  8. […] Tags: Glitz Channel, Jazz, Miss Glitzy jingle, only after coffee, Song Does anyone remember the Miss Glitzy jingle performed by local band “Only After Coffee” a few months […]

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