Glitz Channel Ep 3: Miss Glitzy the Barista

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Miss Glitzy was invited by Joe & Dough for a little session on coffee appreciation. Well, the coffee culture in Singapore is growing with so many different coffee chains scattered around the island. How do you know that you are paying for a good cup of coffee for $5?

joeanddoughMiss Glitzy is sharing a few points that she had learned from the session. Trust her, that session was almost life-changing as coffee experience had never been the same again. Here are some points to look out for when you are at the cafe:

1) Clean and tidy equipment
This is crucial because dirty equipment allows coffee residue to build up, resulting in a very rancid and bitter aftertaste.

2) Grind on demand
Flavours of the coffee beans are lost almost immediately after grinding due to oxidisation. Check for the churning sounds of the grinders – if it is just a couple of clicks, the beans might have been grinded and left at the chamber of the grinder for a while (stale ground). Alternatively, you could try to look into the chamber to see it is already filled with stale grounds.

3) Correct extraction of espresso
Coffee extraction is the process where the coffee extract (the espresso) is dripped out from the coffee machine under pressure. While a generally accepted guide for coffee extraction is 20 to 30 seconds, ideal extraction speed differs from blend to blend. The espresso dripping out should have the similar colour as warm honey. Under extracted coffee results in a weak, sour, and dull espresso while over extracted coffee will taste harsh and burnt.

4) Fresh and perfectly textured milk
The frothing process, which incorporates air into the milk, is an important step that determines the taste of your Lattes or Cappuccinos. Well textured milk tastes sweet and should have a velvety, silky look instead of big bubbles that resemble soap foam. In addition, make sure that the barista is using a fresh pitcher of milk instead of reusing stale milk that have been left over by a previous order.

Miss Glitzy even had a chance to learn how to make a cup of cappuccino at Joe & Dough! She attempted to do some latte art on her cappuccino who ended up looking like abstract art instead! All these captured in the third episode of Glitz Channel.

Hope you enjoy this little video and now, go get a good cup of coffee!

Joe & Dough
16 Collyer Quay #02-05 Hitachi Tower S049318
Tel: 6438 2115

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  1. Nice video babe! I think you’re getting better and better at it…music is very nice too, where did you get it?


    • Thanks dude! Music is from Lisa Ono, Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè (loosely translated as “What did you add in the coffee”).

  2. Hope you and your friends had fun learning about coffee!

    You all did great considering that we only had a short 3 hr crash course workshop. You already look quite pro in the video even though its only your second try. =)

  3. pls keep posting!i love your blog, and am always excited by the sight of new posts.

  4. Wow, you are a pro!!!!

    • Nah, I attended a crash course. I still made a couple of mistakes. 🙂

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  6. 小姐,我要一杯爱尔兰咖啡吧!要加眼泪的。

    • 哈哈!我的咖啡,没有威士忌,也没有眼泪!

      • 小姐,那么你可以为我煮一杯爱尔兰咖啡吗?要加眼泪和威士忌。



  7. Well thats 3 minutes of my life i’ll never get back. sigh.

    • LOL! Ok, now you know better 🙂

  8. You look so cute! I’m not a coffee drinker (it upsets my stomach), but these are great tips for you to share.

    xo, Becs

    • Thanks babe! You can go for hot chocolate! I love hot chocolate!!

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