The Ideeli Experience

August 1, 2009 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Miss G: Shopping | 5 Comments
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ideeli_dknyMiss Glitzy’s first Ideeli purchase – a DKNY leather watch priced at US$34 – has arrived!

Just a few notes on the overall shopping experience at this invite-only website:

The website accepts international credit card
Great news because Singaporeans can buy from them!

Ideeli does not ship internationally
Get your Vpost/Comgateway/Borderlinx address ready. Shipping to your US address costs US$10 per order. And you will need to pay for your shipping from US to Singapore. So factor these costs in before you place your order.

Ideeli is not for those who need their items urgently
If you have an event in a week’s time and want to get a dress from Ideeli specially for the event, you can scrap this idea. Ideeli ships the item by the 10th business day after the sale is closed because Ideeli collects the items from the retailers after the sales end. Nonetheless, the wait is worth it!

Miss Glitzy’s watch reached Borderlinx US address in 3 days after it was shipped out of Ideeli. The item reached Singapore after another 3 days. The entire wait was almost 3 weeks. But grabbing a good bargain was priceless.

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  1. oooh, nice watch and such a bargain!! somehow I prefer the square faced watches..most of my watches are in that shape..ha! I love DKNY timepieces!

  2. Hi Glitzy,

    Can explain how this webby works? Wats with the 1st and 2nd row thingy and how come there are so little things on sale?

    • you can ignore the first row thing – if you pay for first row, you can go buy the items on sale 1 hr before the others (2nd row members).

      They have about 3-5 brands on sale each day. There are different sales everyday and each sale last about 2 days or when items are sold out.

      So everyday, ideeli will send you an email on the sales for the day and if you are interested, you could check their site and decide if you want to buy.

      Let me know if I’m clear. If not, maybe I can do a mini tutorial on my blog posts. 🙂

      • Hi Glitzy,
        almost there! it seems like a auction website whereby u have to bid on the items?

  3. Hey Jane!
    It’s not an auction website. The price indicated on the site is the price of the item. Except that there are limited quantity for each item so they might be sold out really fast.

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