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July 21, 2009 at 10:40 pm | Posted in Miss G: Beauty | 12 Comments
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For those who follow Miss Glitzy on Twitter, you probably noticed that Miss Glitzy has recently developed an interest in this Taiwanese drama named “My Queen“.

The hairdo of the lead actress also caught her attention:


The hairdo isn’t really the latest fad. Carrie Bradshaw wore this do for the whole of Season 5 in Sex and The City. Charlize Theron kinda rocked in that hairstyle too!


The Asian (probably Japanese and Taiwanese) interpretation of the wavy bob, on the other hand, comprises of more gentle and luscious waves. Miss Glitzy prefers the natural out-of-bed look (picture below, top right):


Miss Glitzy has been trying to emulate the wavy bob on her own although she hasn’t quite perfected it. Love how the curls can create variety to the common short hairdo and it looks feminine and different!

You can use almost anything to get that wavy bob – heated rollers, curling tongs or even straighteners. Here are some home-made videos on how to curl short hair:

Using the ceramic curler: Basic 101 on how to curl short hair.

Using the straightening iron: Love this look, very sassy and chic.

If you have longer bob: Luscious curls on short hair.

Or maybe Miss Glitzy should try wearing the “macaron” sponge curlers to sleep, just like the main character in “My Queen”.


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  1. thanks! but i don’t want to follow any trend. i’ve just decided i wanna chop off my hair and give it a light perm – much like the shapes in the bottom quadrant of photos.

    • haha! i’m growing a bit tired of my school girl bob look. i kind of like that out-of-bed hair! wonder if my face shape is suitable..

      have you done your hair?

  2. i like the first one of the “asian bobs”! cute!
    i’m a fan of beauty tutorials, do post more next time! 🙂

  3. I love these hairdos! but.. when i cut the hair… I MISS MY PONY TALL!


  4. I love the wavy look. Some people use a straightener to curl their hair. I’ve never tried it, but the idea fascinated me.

    ^This isn’t the video where I first saw the idea, but it’s the same concept.

  5. Love these hairstyles! These pics are almost making me want to chop my hair! I’ve actually contemplating getting a body wave since my hair is poker straight. I agree that the natural, no fuss wavy hair is the best style.

    xo, Becs

  6. not yet, Miss Glitzy! i might even want to go shorter, and do a root perm (r/o next para). the older i got, the more chicken sh:t i became. tsk. lol.

    Komachi suggested a root perm of limp hair. i don’t have limp hair but i need a bit of volume:


  7. I wish I have poufy hair – I permed my hair once and I look like an aunty! Scary stuff. I need to do something to my hair soon, it’s so boring.

    • X-Wen, didn’t you get a Posh Becks cut from Komachi already?

  8. oh man! i looooooove the wavy bob

  9. […] invited to Komachi the Hair Cult for a hairscapade! Given that she has been going ga-ga over the wavy bob recently, Miss Glitzy naturally asked if she could perm her […]

  10. […] tips, Japanese hairstyle, Longer wavy bob Most readers remember how fascinated I was towards the wavy bob a few months ago, that I went to perm my […]

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