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Miss Glitzy was introduced to Thevi Cosmetics a few weeks ago and the folks over in New York kindly provided some samples for Miss Glitzy to review.

Thevi is a new cosmetic brand that celebrate diverse ethnicity. The founder, Thevi Thambirajah is a Sri-Lankan in NY who could never find cosmetics in shades that suited her skin. Everyone can be pretty in Thevi because their cosmetics range is suitable for all skin colours. Miss Glitzy is pretty impressed by this concept, which is very relevant to multi-racial nations like Singapore and many South-East Asian countries.


Miss Glitzy received the Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation (US$22), High Impact Lipstick (US$13), Blush Brush (US$25), Sheer Matte Blush (US$16) and Triple Split Eyeshadow (US$15).  The products look pretty sleek and sophisticated. Everything except the brush is slim enough to fit into any cosmetic pouch.


Makeup with:
1) Thevi Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige
2) Sheer Matte Blush in Touch Plum
3) High Impact Lipstick in Plush
4) Triple split eyeshadow in Hemisphre

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation

The shade is a little too dark and is more suitable for Miss Glitzy as a bronzer. The SPF 15 foundation blends and covers well as a concealer. Doesn’t clog up skin and not oily after a long 8-hour wear. Great stuff!

Sheer Matte Blush in Touch Plum

This gets the THUMBS UP! Miss Glitzy usually wears Benetint or Dandelion which are very light and natural – like not wearing makeup at all. The Thevi’s blush, on the other hand, highlights the cheeks with just a couple of magic touches of the brush. The colour is vibrant yet not over-the-top. Miss Glitzy had lasting rosy cheeks with Thevi!

Touch Plum is a unique and subdued pink shade which Miss Glitzy has never tried before. It’s a good romantic shade and at US$16, which is cheaper than Benefit, Miss Glitzy is considering getting more in other shades!

High Impact Lipstick in Plush

Miss Glitzy thought this shade complements the Blush very well. The lipstick is smooth and leaves a silky finish. The colour stands out but still looks natural and not outrageous. Miss Glitzy also appreciates its slim shape which makes it really handy to carry out.

Blush Brush

Miss Glitzy is not an expert with brushes because this is her first standalone blush brush! In terms of appearance, the Thevi’s brush resembles Sephora’s flat blush brush – their price range is similar too. Thevi’s brush is very sturdy yet soft and gentle to the skin. So far so good!

Triple Split Eye Shadow in Hemisphere

The selection of colours for eyeshadow trio was limited. Miss Glitzy chose Hemisphere as this was the color that she didn’t have in her collection. Hemisphere turns out be a subdued olive green with gold tint which is natural and perfect for work!


However, the colours does not come out strong on Miss Glitzy’s skin. Miss Glitzy had to apply a number of times to ensure that the colour appear. While this shade could be perfect for those with darker skin tones, Miss Glitzy prefers her usual NYX and Jane eyeshadows which are more pigmented.


Overall, Thevi’s Cosmetics are of high quality and Miss Glitzy could already envision a Thevi counter in the departmental store with someone providing guidance on the ideal colours for individual skin tones. Currently, you can purchase the brand from its website.

Thanks Thevi! Really hope to see you on the racks of Sephora soon!

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  1. Hello there, I love your blog! It’s so quirky, fun and interesting. You all have cute fashion sense-s too. 🙂

  2. wow babe! the cosmetics sure look good. finally something that celebrates asian skins and colours! yippie! i also wanted to recommend u this amazing mascara at Sephora – Lash Injection by 2Face and Lip gloss by Bare Minerals. awesome stuff.

    • Ok will try them when I’ve the chance! I’m using this cheapo Shiseido Water Lip balm I bought at 7-11 in Japan and it looks really glossy!

      I always remember Bare Minerals for their mineral makeup which looks good.. saw their TV ad numerous times in the US… haha.

  3. awesome blogger…

  4. Thanks for sharing about Thevi! I’m usually faithful to my Clinique makeup, but would give these products a try. I esp. love the lipstick on you! Great reviews on everything!

    xo, Becs
    p.s. I like your life mantra too! 🙂

    • Oh I love Clinique too! I bought their foundation and received a gift bag with mascara and lipstick and other goodies but the mascara and lipstick are good stuff!

    • Hi Becs!

      Check us out at our company blog,, for weekly promotions and don’t forget to stay tuned for our weekly giveaways as well!


  5. you get to review samples! woohoo cool 😀
    the green eyeshadow looks nice.
    will they be bringing the brand to singapore?

    • Heehee… yes it’s quite fun!

      I doubt they are going to bring the brand into Singapore in the short term. Currently we can only purchase from the website.

    • Hi Clara! Thanks for your interest, although you can only purchase the product online right now, we definitely ship internationally! Also, check out our new company blog at for weekly promotions, giveaways, and makeup tips!

      -Thevi Cosmetics
      ~Inner Beauty Made Visible~

  6. […] thanks to Thevi Cosmetics, who have kindly agreed to give away a Pink Whisper Matte Eyeshadow to one lucky […]

  7. Great post, will have to check this out!

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