Wardrobe Malfunction

July 7, 2009 at 8:10 pm | Posted in Miss G: Fashion | 4 Comments
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Ladies, there are two golden rules that we need to abide to if we want to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunction situation.

1) Always bring your phone with you if you are visiting the Ladies.
If any mishap happens, at least you can call your companion for help.

2) Always place sufficient safety pins in your bag
Or Hollywood Fashion Tapes, which are better for certain type of malfunctions, such as a loose or missing button on a button-up shirt.  Some girls carry travel sewing kits. Those work too.

On Saturday, after the Forever Jewels show, Miss Glitzy joined some friends for drinks. Later in the night, she and Chewy visited the Ladies. Thank goodness she did not visit the Ladies alone because she didn’t bring her phone along and something terrible happened!

When Miss Glitzy was done at the cubicle, she pulled up the back zip of her new Forever 21 jumpsuit and alas, the zip was damaged!

There was no way she could get out of the Ladies in this state. Fortunately, Chewy was around and Miss Glitzy gave her a shout. The zip couldn’t be aligned back together. GASP! At least Miss Glitzy had some safety pins with her. Chewy went back to the table to grab Glitzy’s bag, and like a princess in shiny armour, she returned and helped with the quick fix.


Thankfully, that fix enabled her to survive the night for another 2 hours. From now on, Miss Glitzy is gonna treat the Safety Pins with utmost respect and importance because Safety pins, Safety pins… How could I do without Thee?

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  2. thanks for adding 😉

    lol, other than safety pins, a cardigan in handbag will come in handy too!

    • good idea! maybe if a cardi is too bulky for the bag, bring a shawl!

  3. Oh no! I’d freak out! Good tip about the safety pins.. that’s something I don’t carry. Well, at least your friend was there to help you and you were able to stay out longer. 🙂

    xo, Becs

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