Miss Glitzy repeats her outfits

June 29, 2009 at 8:35 pm | Posted in Miss G: Fashion | 3 Comments
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With the outfit posts in this blog, some friends commented that Miss Glitzy has turned into a “fashionista”. Seriously, Miss Glitzy has never been fashionably adventurous to begin with. As compared to all those style icons in the blogosphere, Miss Glitzy is probably just another OL (office lady) prancing around in the tiny corner of the globe.

In fact, Miss Glitzy has a confession to make. She repeats her outfits! Well, first she can’t afford not to. Her wardrobe and wallet aren’t big enough for a brand new outfit per day. Once in a while, she hopes to be Carrie Bradshaw – although not the part where all her wealth were invested in Manolo Blahniks.. that’s not even a well-diversified investment! It could be nice to be Alicia Silverstone in Clueless (1995) – with the computer programme that plans your brand new outfit everyday.

It doesn’t seems like a fashion sin to repeat outfits though – even celebrities repeat their clothes! Miss Glitzy recalls that Olivia Ong (the singer of The Little Nyona theme song) wore the same dress at many different occasions! On the other end of the spectrum though, Jennifer Lopez’s kids wear different clothes everyday.

In fact, Miss Glitzy’s repeat outfits are usually a full-fledged repeat – similar accessories, shoes, colour tones. Yes, Miss Glitzy can be quite a stick in the mud and finds it hard to deviate from what she thinks is the “best combination”. While it’s fun to explore new combinations, Miss Glitzy is just not creative enough to come up with something better. If there is any consolation, Michelle Obama repeated outfits in same ensemble and accessories too.

Let’s do a poll: Do you repeat outfits? What are your views on repeating outfits?

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  1. I clearly still remember the Clueless scene whereby Alicia Silverstone was at her comp planning her outfit…bet alot of girls were impressed with that scene then..me included…:)
    I repeat my outfits for sure, especially those combis that I know make me feel/look good..don’t have that much creative juices nor suitable for the i-still-look-good-in-whatever-combi so have to repeat the ‘winning formulas’..:D

    • Yes! Clueless is like the mother of all chick flicks for our generation! 🙂

  2. I never repeat outfits because of MyClothingCalendar (www.myclothingcalendar.com), a FREE online clothing journal that records what you wore with friends, family, colleagues and clients at social events, business meetings or any occasion.

    Upload photos of outfits and/or articles of clothing. Never repeat an outfit again.

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