Sporty Day at East Coast Park

June 28, 2009 at 11:37 am | Posted in Miss G: Fun, Miss G: Photography | Leave a comment
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After all those dinners and Ms, there is a dire need to get some real workout. Miss Glitzy, Chubby and Armotif headed off to ECP for a cycling day with our BFFs!


We decided to try our the Coastal Park Connector – from ECP, the track goes straight to Changi Beach Park (Changi Village) and back. Miss Glitzy tried that before and it took half a day! Here’s a mini map of the Park Connector Network.

The total distance from ECP to Changi Beach Park and back is about 30km. We did half way and decided to head back at Changi Airport. It was pretty fun because the track was easy to ride (not as challenging as those bumpy slopes at Pulau Ubin). We passed by unoccupied beach, undisturbed nature and caught planes took off the runway. If we had ventured further, we would have reached Changi beach and the jetty where visitors take bum boats to Pulau Ubin!

But gosh, the half-route was already quite tiring for the aging Miss Glitzy. Nonetheless, this route is good for large groups and very safe for those who are not so proficient in cycling.

Brought my polaroid camera that was loaded with expired film along:


Feel like we were thrust back to the 50s. Miss Armotif was in her sporty gear complete with tight bicycle shorts. Chubs was the babelicious who was too concerned about uneven tan lines. And Miss Glitzy? The slackeroo who almost fell off the bike when taking the photo of the passing plane.

We rewarded ourselves with ice-cream from New Zealand Natural. Miss Glitzy thinks that completely wasted the work-out. But it was a Saturday with good fun, great sights and fantastic company!

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