The T Spot – Ku De Ta (Seminyak, Bali)

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The T SpotFirst there is the M Project (which is still ongoing by the way). Now there’s T Spot.

You probably realise by now that Miss Glitzy is just crazy over the alphabet game. The T Spot is set up to be a section on random interesting places abroad that Miss Glitzy or her friends enjoy during their trips. So, it’s not meant to be a lengthy travelogue. And for the record, Miss Glitzy is kinda dying to go on a holiday!

When Miss Glitzy was at Bali during New Year’s Eve holiday, Ku De Ta left quite an impression as Miss Glitzy saw the most beautiful sunset there and she simply loves the relaxing vibes. Ku De Ta is a beachside restaurant/bar located at Seminyak -the new hip location in Bali.

The restaurant is relatively high-end, by Bali standards. In the day, it’s an idyllic location for pizza and suntanning. And at night the restaurant transforms into a hip club with great music and crowd.


Miss Glitzy reached there in the late afternoon and was promptly greeted by contemporary red umbrellas and wooden deck chairs that faced the Indian Ocean. Then came the aroma of fruity sangria and thin crust pizzas. And at the water feature, there were kids playing freely. Nearby, a courtyard ideal for dancing!

It’s really different from many other places in Bali. This place is huge with different sections for patrons with different needs (or wants). Kids play at the courtyard, adults laze at the deck chairs. There is a pizzeria area for quick bites and formal sit-down dinner area on the other side. And the club area was adorned with comfy couch. The rooftop is opened at night too!


On the food note, dinner was pricey but it was a dinner with a magnificent sunset view. The food was well-prepared and the standard is comparable to high end eateries here.

(From top to bottom) Seared Japanese scallops as entree, Veal tenderoin and foie gras as main (yums!) and Sticky fig pudding as dessert.

Miss Glitzy seriously thinks she could laze and slack in Ku De Ta the entire day – no kidding! And this restaurant has a shop by the same name too – selling music CDs (think: Cafe Del Mar) and overpriced local designers’ fashion. The point is, Kudeta is focused in providing a holistic holiday experience and it’s a place not to be missed in your itinerary.

Ku De Ta
Jalan Laksman Oberoi 9
Bali 80361 Indonesia
+62 361 73 6969

Open Hours: 8am-midnight daily.

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  2. Yes!! I miss Ku De Ta alot toooo! I just missed Bali lah! I want to go again!!

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