Online Shopping #102

May 18, 2009 at 9:48 pm | Posted in Miss G: Shopping | 6 Comments
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Ways to create value-for-money while online shopping:

1) Before you check out, google for discount code! This can shave 5-20% off your bill!

2) Miss Glitzy recommends this: Sign up a Bigcrumbs account.

Bigcrumbs ties up with many retailers and provide shoppers with cashback whenever they place an order via the Bigcrumbs site. First, sign up an account by clicking the link above (Miss Glitzy will earn referrer bonus!). Make sure you have a Paypal account and link it to your Bigcrumbs. All cashback from Bigcrumbs will be credited to your Paypal 2 months after you’ve made your purchase.

Before you place an order at any website (eg., log on to Bigcrumbs first, click the “Shop” tab and reach the shopping section. From the scrolldown menu, select the store you are heading (i.e. Old Navy) and the page will refresh with cashback details when shopping at Old Navy. Click “Shop” link and be redirected to Old Navy site. Order and checkout as per normal at Old Navy.


Bigcrumbs will reconcile your order via Old Navy and identify your cashback amount by no longer than 1 week’s time. However the actual credit of moolah will reach your Paypal account in 2 months.

Just to clarify, this is not an ad or scam. Miss Glitzy has been receiving cashbacks so she can assure you that this incentive is real. You are rewarded for shopping with many retailers – like Sephora, Shopbop, Endless, Delias.. and EBay.. even Orbitz (US hotel and air tickets booking) and Rail Europe (for Europe train tickets!) and the list goes on.

3) Maximise your shipping. Joining spree is a method of reducing shipping cost. You can join sprees (where  orders are consolidated by the person who organises the spree) via forums such as Cozycot, Hardwarezone, as well as spree sites such as Sgspree@livejournal and the list goes on. The downside of things is you do not know the spree organisers personally and there could be incidence of fraud. If you were to order directly from the site on your own, always calculate if direct shipping is more worthwhile than shipping via freight forwarder. Usually, Miss Glitzy would opt for direct shipping if the option is available because sometimes it is cheaper, or for the extra dollars spent, it is faster and more hassle-free.

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  1. […] You might also like: Online Shopping #102 […]

  2. Hi Miss Glitzy,

    Stumbled upon your blog…love ur monologue!
    was gonna sign up for a big crumbs a/c after seeing ur post on it…cos’ am a fan of online shopping (whee!), so it’s cool to earn back some rebates for shopping..:)

    Was gonna put ya into the referral since i got to know it from ur blog..i clicked on the link on ur post, but it just link to the homepage of bigcrumbs..doesn’t link to ur member’s link to indicate u as a referral. The requirement is to put in the member’s name (not real name) into the referral space…

    • Hey babe, thanks for visiting! come back often!

      Yes, the referral link directs you to the main page of Bigcrumbs. Just click “Join us” and register an account as per normal. 🙂

      • Your monologue has been bookmarked into my IE…:) for sure I’ll be popping by here from time to time!

        Btw, Joe & Dough’s yumz! Had the bacon & mushroom sandwich & bot the yummy cupcake as my teatime boost when I get sluggish around 3ish,4 kind of timezone! Hehe!

  3. Hi Ms Glitzy

    I was searching info on online shopping/shipping services and found this page of your blog 🙂

    Well, my friends & I had tried to make purchases from Old Navy as well as few other US online stores but it was unsuccessful as they only accept payment via credit cards issued in US. Is Bigcrumbs service able to do so and payment can be made via Paypal?


    • Hi Josiane, for websites that only accept US credit cards, get a concierge service to help you order. You can use Vpost concierge or Comgateway concierge, which charges a little bit for helping you place the order.

      I use Borderlinx concierge which is a free service. But Borderlinx shipping from US to Singapore is a bit more expensive.

      To understand better, maybe my post on online shopping #101 will help:

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