Zouk Flea & Easy

May 16, 2009 at 10:26 am | Posted in Miss G: Fashion, Miss G: Shopping | 6 Comments
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Zouk Flea & Easy is probably one of the few flea markets in Singapore where sellers can earn a decent sum of money. Check out the crowd last weekend at the Fashion Elite edition!

Not sure whether it was totally Fashion Elitist though. Miss Glitzy only spotted Hansel, Swirl and Dustbunny Vintage amidst the suffocating crowd.  There were a number of blog shops and stalls that sold vintage/preloved goods. Price was not as rock bottom as many other flea markets. Miss Glitzy spotted a vintage blazer at $32 and some preloved Bysi/Sense/Zara which she didn’t enquire the prices.

Miss Glitzy left Zouk after just half hour but thought that it’s definitely a good option for sellers. Certainly helps when the crowd comprised of well-dressed fashion-savvy people!

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  1. tell me you snagged that vintage blazer! i know of a seller from whom i would surely buy something. i heard it’s too crowded to do serious shopping. it’s really why i skipped shopping there altogether. the last time i was there: 2 years back.

    • no… there was no space for me to try on that blazer.. 😦

  2. i wanted to go to flea and easy, but it was mother’s day. -.-
    the crowd looks scary!

  3. Is there any ‘Zouk n Easy’ in April 2010?.
    Please give me upcoming event on April 2010.

  4. Is there any ‘Zouk n Easy’ flea market in April 2010?.
    Please give me the upcoming event in April 2010.

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