Ms Armotif’s take on Vivienne Westwood Anglomania show

May 13, 2009 at 11:14 pm | Posted in Miss Armotif, Miss G: Events, Miss G: Fashion | 3 Comments
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missarmotifYeehar! Before the show started, there was a little drama which pissed off the babelicious Ms Chubby who is not chubby. Anyhow, spirits were not dampened! Fashion show = lots of people watching!

Cleavage – Check. It’s not uncommon to see cleavage anywhere in Singapore but this one that we spotted was like waaay attention grabbing. Overflowing SUPER big boobs off a super low and tight top.  Woohoo~

Glitters & Sparkles – Check. I was looking around scouting for more celebs when I heard the girls say “Look, Guo Liang! (a male local artiste) Right in front of us!” I thought there must be something wrong with me ‘cos I was looking right where the girls were looking and I didn’t spot anyone who looked anything like Guo Liang. Then I saw a lady standing right in front of us in a full length long sleeved glittery dress that shimmered so much, it looked like the universe took on the shape of a woman. That’s when I realised that the girls were saying “Look, hen liang! (Hen = Very, Liang = Shiny in Chinese).

Big Hair – Check. I was actually looking for Anna Wintour lookalikes, thick bob that’s all primped up and all but this one big volume overload hairdo was hard to miss. I wonder how she managed it. It was like a longer version of a pixie cut but gosh, the v-o-l-u-m-e. Kudos for making short hair look big.

Celebrities – Check. Lum May Yee looked ageless and cool, and so did her partner for the evening :). Contrary to her on-screen persona, Patricia Mok looks quite stylish in real life.

Stylists – Check. We saw David Gan and Clarence Lee. And they looked like… actually pretty much like normal people albeit with good complexion.

Beautiful people – Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Gosh there were so many. I wanna go to such shows more often!

Just one last comment. I think the video guys did a great job of the introduction clip that kicked off the show. The music, editing and visuals pumped up the mood for the evening and set the scene for a fun and whimsical runway show.

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  1. i wanna see the short big hair or big short hair!

    the lady posted on cherry mag looked yummy.

  2. Ms Glitzy said no photos… cannot tarnish the reputation of others.

    Let’s go together next time! 😛

  3. aiya. i thought it’s good so no tarnish of reputation. thanks but i mite embarrass myself and companions by uttering out loud “aiyo, liddat also can ah?”


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