Online Shopping #101

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If you have yet to be exposed to the wonder world of online shopping, Miss Glitzy shall guide you to this road of no return now. Hehehe *wicked laughters*.  A disclaimer though, the guide below is very basic and caters to those who hardly shops online. If you are a seasoned online shopper, you’re better off reading something more substantial. 🙂

Miss Glitzy usually shops at US-based online stores. There are 3 types of online stores around. The first type accepts international credit cards and ships internationally. To shop at such websites, it’s easy peasy. Just browse, click and check out. Wait for 1-2 weeks comfortably at home and your loot would reach you in no time. Examples of such stores are and

The next 2 types of online stores do not ship internationally. You will need to sign up with a freight forwarder service. Such service gives you an US address which you can use to have your loot delivered.  The freight forwarder charges a shipping fee from US to your home in Singapore. There are many such services available, Miss Glitzy has narrowed down to 3:

Vpost: Service by Singapore Post. It gives you US, UK and Japan addresses. Service isn’t fantastic and can be a bit slow but it’s the cheapest in town. And you can shop Uniqlo online without trekking to the East!

Borderlinx: Only for Citibank card holders. Provides the most efficient service, kudos to speedy DHL but it’s also more expensive than Vpost!

ComGateWay: Used these a couple of times. Similar to Vpost but heard some negative feedback about it. CGW has tie-ups with different credit cards and there are many variations of its services around, like, Shoponline etc.

For orders exceed S$400 (including shipping cost), you will incur 7% GST in Singapore. For Borderlinx, I found out recently that they compute the S$400 tally based on per shipment and not per order!

So the second type of online stores accept international credit card but do not ship internationally. The way around it is to get your items shipped to your US address from the freight forwarder (eg Vpost). For billing address, insert your home address. Example of such store is

Third type are stores that do not accept international credit card and do not ship internationally. If you have a debit card, you can try keying your billing address as your US address. This works like a charm at times!

If the above fails, use the Concierge service. Vpost, Comgateway and Borderlinx provide such service. You give them a list of items you would like to order and they will place the order for you. Vpost and Comgateway charges extra whereas concierge is free at Borderlinx.

That’s all for now. More to come when Miss Glitzy feels like it. 😉

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  1. freaky. i was about to ask you about using borderlinx as i saw it on your twitter. haha. then i wondered if i should open this can of worms. i really prefer direct shipping. i always did that when buying shoes from gojane. thanks for the info!

    • Yes I prefer direct shipping too! The last time I used Borderlinx, the parcel arrived 2 days after i released the shipment. That was in the old days when they used their old calculation of volumetric weight and it ended up to be cheaper than Vpost.

      I have dropped Borderlinx a note to inform them about Vpost’s way of calculating GST (per order basis) which is more price competitive. They acknowledged my note and told me that they’re in line with Singapore’s customs website (?!).

  2. […] You may also like: Online Shopping #101 […]

  3. What if i live in middle east (Qatar) and want to buy something from singapore and have it shipped to my Qatar address? Any service for such kind? Thanks.

    • I am not aware of such service, but I think you can ask the retailer if they are willing to ship to Qatar via courier services.

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