Yoshimaru Ramen Bar

May 3, 2009 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Miss G: Food | 4 Comments
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There is a spanking new cool-looking bar at Holland Village and upon closer look, Miss Glitzy realised that it’s a Ramen Bar! Miss Glitzy stepped in without hesitation, curious about which ramen concoction the bar would serve.


Yoshimaru Ramen Bar is an established name in Japan and was brought into Singapore by the Jumbo Seafood group. The store is not quite a bar but feels Jappy enough with the J-pop concert dvd that was screened on the 2 Sharp Aquos LCD TVs mounted on top of the kitchen. Yoshimaru serves Hakata ramen, which originates from Hakata, Kyushu. The most distinctive difference about Hakata ramen is that the noodles are much thinner and firmer in texture. The menu does not offer a huge variety of ramen, but the entire selection looked mouth-watering.


We were served a bowl of sesame seeds and pounder. While waiting for the ramen to be served, patrons can pound the sesame seeds and add them into the noodles later.  Miss Glitzy found it very novel and this little activity helped to kill some waiting time.


Shabu Shabu Pork ramen
There were a number of sauces and condiments on the table that could be added into the soup. As Miss Glitzy preferred her soup to taste a bit spicier, she added chilli powder and chilli oil and even some garlic. The soup tasted good and yet not too oily. The texture of the ramen was very different from Sapporo/Tokyo ramen but the soup base was not so distinctive. She also loved the egg in the ramen – although the texture of the yolk was different from those in Sapporo ramen (favourite!), the egg yolk was tasty in a different way as it was fully cooked yet very soft and creamy.


Traditional Roasted Garlic ramen
The garlic was really a good addition to the soup! Yums!

Tried the prawn gyozas too and it was better than those Miss Glitzy tried in Japan – granted that she probably tried lousy gyozas during her last trip there! According to other reviews, the bar also serves mini burgers with different fillings.  Miss Glitzy missed this item from the menu, gotta try it next time!

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
31 Lorong Liput Holland Village Singapore 277742
Tel: 64633132

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  1. i think i was in the vicinity this afternoon! i’m a garlic lover so i think i’ll like adding it to my soup. did you go to the flea market? another hot day out.

  2. I was there on Sat! Didn’t see the flea mkt..

  3. oh i meant today. the flea happens every 1st and 3rd sunday of the month, if i’m not wrong 😉

  4. i love ramen! esp the ajitsuki tamago! this one looks so runny yumyum.
    when i went to a ramen bar in japan, it was so stressful eating there! ppl were queuing and i had to quickly slurp up the hot noods..haha!

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