New Kid on the Alley – Joe and Dough

April 23, 2009 at 9:22 pm | Posted in Miss G: Food | 12 Comments
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There’s a new kid at Change Alley and his name is Joe & Dough!

At first glance, the shop’s minimalist get-up is reminiscent of those atas sandwich shops that sell overpriced sandwiches, salads and coffee for the CBD crowd. Well, the first observation is kinda true – Joe & Dough sells pricey sandwiches! However, the sandwiches are displayed in such a cute and orderly manner at the display case that it reminded Miss Glitzy almost of a dainty dessert shop – not quite the regular sandwich places like Subway or Cedele definitely!


Here are some pictures of the tantalising sandwiches on display:

How it works is first, customer choses the sandwich on display. Next, staff will toast the sandwich and wrap them up nicely. In the meantime, customer pays at the cashier and wait for the stuff. And gosh, it’s good stuff!


Miss Glitzy had the salami and bierwurst sandwich and the wholemeal panini was heavenly! Apparently, the bread were all homemade daily. Even the tomatoes blended well with the bread and salami slices although Miss Glitzy has never been a tomato fan. The Gruyere cheese was melted nicely that it added taste to the ingredients but was not too gooey. Really worth the $8.50 paid! The cajun chicken sandwich is apparently an “All Time Favourite” and it received raves from Miss Glitzy’s colleagues too.


The All-Time favourite Cajun Chicken sandwich.


The tiny chocolate cupcake was heavenly! Miss Glitzy seriously considers it better than Magnolia’s cupcakes. The chocolate cream was thick, but not overwhelmingly sweet and blended very well with the moist chocolate cake. Priced at $2.80, the price tag and size of the cupcake doesn’t look too welcoming on first sight. But Miss Glitzy thinks it’s the “MUST BUY” of Joe & Dough and puts you 2 steps closer to Chocolate Heaven! Seriously, you wouldn’t want the cupcake to be bigger or it would become dangerously sinful.

All in all, Miss Glitzy strongly recommends Joe & Dough to everyone who’s in for a satisfying gourmet sandwich experience. The official website is still under construction and seriously, it ought to be up as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, Miss Glitzy is dreaming of the chocolate cupcakes already…

Joe & Dough
16 Collyer Quay #02-05 Hitachi Tower S049318
Tel: 64382115

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  1. I dont eat meat haha but the meaty sandwitches always look the best, I like the pineapple, you just gave me a great idea πŸ™‚ I can make a toasted cheese and pineapple sandwich πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve tried pineapple with butter on warm bread before and it was YUMS!! πŸ˜›

  3. I have tried the hazelnut latte. It is not too sweet or too “milky”, and it does not leave a bitter aftertaste. Totally love it!

  4. Wow! Sounds good.. thanks so much for your suggestion, Moonchild! I’m going to try it next time!!

  5. Update! – there’s a newer kid on the block! On the 1st floor of Change Alley, there’s this new cafe called “Black”. Pretty spiffy interiors, but I think their focus, compared with Joe and Dough, is less on sandwiches, and more on coffee. It’s pretty packed, on the few times I’ve walked past. Am gonna give it a try soon.

    Competition along this little alley looks pretty brutal, what with specialty coffee joints like Starbucks, Spinelli, Dimbulah, Joe and Dough and Black, and places like Soup Spoon, Sandwich Shop, Cedele and Baguette, which also serve coffee!

  6. Wow Change Alley Observer.. you are really a coffee person! Thanks for the tip off on “Black”.. Miss Glitzy should check it out soon!!!

  7. Maybe Miss Glitzy should go around trying the coffees and let us know which is better! hah

  8. […] Glitzy was invited by Joe & Dough for a little session on coffee appreciation. Well, the coffee culture in Singapore is growing with […]

  9. Tried hot choclate and frozen choc (i think so?) at black. its heaven!

    Aside, i’m hooked to the s/w at joe & dough.
    and theres another “the sandwich shop” tucked at a corner at the 2nd floor of hitachi tower, anyone tried?

  10. Hi Junni,

    Glad you liked our sandwiches! Which one did you try?

    Do let me know when you drop by again and I can give you and your friends some cupcakes to try on the house. Look for Damien!

    • heyyy!! i’ve tried the cupcakes actually!
      (been a long time since i checked the messages here)
      its fab!
      bought a couple for colleagues / friends.
      commented its good and somewhat different texture compared to other cupcakes
      Annnnddd mushroom soup + bacon mushroom melt always make my day

      • Thanks for the support! Those cupcakes are my favourites too.

        We should be introducing some new sandwiches and items soon. Be sure to come back and try them.


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