Pierside Kitchen

April 18, 2009 at 10:20 am | Posted in Miss G: Food | 1 Comment
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One Fullerton seems more vibrant these days because of the newly opened Butterfactory. However, in terms of eateries, the selection remains limited.


Dinner last night at Pierside Kitchen under the Marmalade Group was just fine. Starting off the dinner was the amuse bouche – a very cute fried tofu mixed with shrimps and mushrooms thingy. It was reminiscent of those “fried tofu” dishes at zichar stalls but with the chill-out ambience from the One Fullerton vibes and probably due to lack of patrons – there was no complaint.


Miss Glitzy was not feeling hungry, so the “main” was Maine Lobster Linguini Aglio Olio in appetizer portion. Miss Armotif commented that the lobster’s head looked like a cockroach. Miss Glitzy got past that and enjoyed the food. The linguini was not too oily and the lobster meat was not overwhelming. Miss Armotif and Miss Chubby had Vanilla Poached Maine Lobster in appetizer portion but according to them, this dish was filling and the rice with vanilla sauce was delish.


Dessert – Red Plum and Water Apple Struedel. Miss Glitzy was too chilled-out and almost forgot to take a photo of the dessert before we got started! Apologies for a less than appetising picture! The sour plum sorbet was an acquired taste but the vanilla ice-cream was enjoyable. The struedel was tasty despite its less-than appealing appearance.

Verdict – Miss Glitzy likes the fact that the restaurant was not too crowded and it was possible to sit through the night without getting chased away. The splendid view of the river, Esplanade and the Flyer makes it an ideal place for a good post-dinner walk too. However, not too much of a gastronomical experience as the food was so-so.

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  1. this desert is screaming my name!! I love it when food looks like little presents, little art pieces, Americans dont really understand this concept, I had such a joy in Paris, Morocco, Italy and even my “home” the Netherlands with food and yet here in the usa.. :/ they have it but its way more expensive.. I just like the idea of all this little portions with exquisite taste that makes me long for more 🙂 then again you will go home hungry haha 🙂 🙂

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