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April 10, 2009 at 9:18 pm | Posted in Miss G: Fashion, Miss G: Fun | 10 Comments
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The New Yorkers went gaga over Topshop (according to the website, it seems like Topshop is slightly more expensive in the US than in Singapore). On the other hand, Singaporeans were waiting with anticipation for the arrival of Uniqlo. Miss Glitzy has not visited the store at Tampines yet. She has been diverting her attention towards Uniqlo Surprise and it should be renamed as “No Surprise” since she won that Special Edition Wallpaper yet again!

Anyway, let’s not digress. The topic of this post today is on Kawaii stuff. When Miss Glitzy was playing Poupee Girl, she spotted many kawaii cosmetic pouches at the jiten under the brand “Swimmer”. After researching on Poupee and googling on the Internet, she found out that Swimmer is a cute home, wear and accessories brand from Japan.

Some examples of really adorable items from the store:

Swimmer stores are available at various parts of Japan. When Miss Glitzy was in Japan last year, she visited the store in Parco Shibuya! The store exudes Japanese sweet lolita feel and sold loads of cute and sometimes outrageously girlish items! Some of the bags and pouches had really nice prints and the PVC/oil cloth material reminded Miss Glitzy of a more economical version of Cath Kidston.

Some cute bags from Swimmer:

Gosh.. they sell lounge wear too!


While some items fall beyond the cute tolerance of Miss Glitzy, Swimmer is still worth a visit if you are traveling to Japan. Miss Glitzy also thinks that strawberry headphones with strawberry USB mouse and strawberry bag make such an eye-catching combination. Kawaii neh!

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  1. KAWAII!!! Were can u buy this stuff???

  2. NellyMar, I bought 2 pouches from Swimmer in Tokyo. I’m not sure whether the online store accept foreign credit cards but if you are keen, maybe you can try ordering and shipping to VPost Japan.


    i heart the strawberry 老鼠!

  4. I absolutely need to visit a Swimmer store! I’ve been dreaming of it since I joined Poupee Girl! I didn’t come across any when I was in Hokkaido last Jul 😦

  5. Miss Fluffy > Such a tech geek hor!

    Clara > I saw a swimmer store at Sapporo! But I didn’t go in… I think another good thing about Swimmer is that it’s affordable! Maybe we should try ordering from the online store.

  6. Woo please do tell me if there’s a Swimmer spree!! ^^

  7. i love their loungewear! why does sg have no decent shop that sells cute ones? closest is paul frank i can find here. boo!

  8. Please let me know if you are going to order too. I cannot figure out how to register as their member using my vpost japan address. >.<

  9. Ahhh the headphones…

  10. […] fashion brands have you heard of? A: Errr, Swimmer! (The crew got a bit shocked.. ) Kawaii kawaii Swimmer! (The host and crew finally understood that Miss Glitzy was referring to […]

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