The FJ Benjamin Sale

April 4, 2009 at 3:59 pm | Posted in Miss G: Fashion | 1 Comment
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I woke up at 8am and reached the Grand Hyatt at 9.45am on a Saturday. While driving at the hotel carpark, I was surprised that the first 2 floors were quite occupied. Everyone was there for the FJ Benjamin sale.


Well, while Miss Glitzy loves bargains, she has never been a clearance sale person. So when my BFF Miss Chubby told me that she has been to this FJB sale every single day with something to buy, it was compelling enough to check it out. Look at the queue at 9.45am. In fact, the queue extended to the first floor and by 10.30am, everything that happened in the Grand Ballroom was a mess.

This sale was different from the Ugly Mango Sale. Everyone was grabbing all the Guess bags available… snapping up Raoul shirts, rummaging the sale shelves for good jeans. Even the guys were in the action for their Raoul fix. All I could do was just grab and go to a corner and try on the spot (thank God for tank top!) and decide within that few minutes to keep or throw. No photos of the ballroom because the bag and camera were kept at the counter but please use your wonderful imagination.



Here’s the not-so-impressive haul after some 2.5 hours (factoring in time for queuing at the cashier). The strategy is to go with your BFFs and gather the quantity. GUESS shoes were going at 1 pair for $50, but for 3 pairs, they only cost $99! The silver Raoul bag was a last minute buy because someone abandoned it on the floor before paying at the cashier. Miss Chubby said that a Raoul bag cost only $45 at the sale so I decided to get it.

So at the cashier counter, the lady was going through the items one by one and said, “Raoul bag is $75.”

Miss Glitzy: “Really? Aren’t they going at $45?”
Cashier: “Let me check,  I think it could be $50.”
*Flipped through the price list*
Cashier: “Sorry, this is considered a big bag. It is $75.”
Miss Glitzy: “Oh, ok. I shall give it a miss then.”
Cashier: “Well, will you get it at $50?”
Miss Glitzy: “Sure!”

So I had just bargained with the cashier and secured myself another 33.333% discount! The original price of the bag was $329 (?!) and was scored at $50!!!

I don’t know whether I can do such sales anymore because this was definitely much more physically challenging than the Mango or Zara sale. Miss Chubby told me that there is a Wing Tai sale going on at 105 Tampines Road and dresses from MaxStudio, Karen Millen and Warehouse going at less than $100. You may wish to check that sale out!


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